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Stitchmouth by Insanityespeon
smudge tool is fun and its late over here tf im doing torturing myself
You didn't want this.

You never asked.

But, due to your gullibility, you were trapped and had no where to go.

You couldn't call in sick, even if you were sick in the head.

You couldn't take a break, because he was there.

Every hour that passes by, it was only one step closer to planning a suicide attempt, or something to get you out of this mess.

But you couldn't, because he's watching you.

Now, I want you to take this in consideration.

What you've experienced, was it enough for you to get traumatized?


Just wait until the story is finished, maybe you'll change your mind!

But, one last thing....

Don't get too close to him.

You were on the brink of insanity itself, its claws just barely in your reach. How? How could someone like an animatronic bear in a stereotypical pizzeria push you to that limit?

You didn't know. It was as if the curse of the pizzeria began to corrupt your soul. Maybe it has, though you weren't one to strongly believe ghost stories. However, Troy made you believe anything and everything that had happened and will happen.

You spent your morning 'guarding' the mangled scraps that considers you her rival to Troy's heart. It wasn't your fault that Troy was so captivated by you, although someone having a crush on you sounds impossible. Nothing extraordinary popped up besides Mangle feeling uneasy and constantly teasing you whenever she can. Her teasing stopped when one of the kids threw Mangle's head next to your leg; she tried to bite your ankle, but Troy sent her a paralyzing glare that even made you shiver.

You were currently sitting in your decent (f/c) car, music jamming on half volume and your dull (h/c) locks fanned out in your seat. If anyone passed by you and looked inside your window, they'll automatically call the police. A stained yet empty cardboard pizza box resided in the seat next to you that Holly gave you earlier. Your (e/c) orbs drained from life which made you look like a zombie with pale skin, or just sleeping after an exhausting day with your eyes open. Both situations sounds disturbing either way.

Your location? In front of Freddy Fazbear's.

You might as well change your address to this place, it's all you can even think about. Speaking of jokes, the current time on your car monitor is 11:48PM. You aren't looking forward to the third night; Colin's warning, Troy's warning, Phone Guy's warning, it's plenty of info that the third night is a drag to any of the night guards. You envied Fritz Smith, the guy who got fired. You wanted to get fired too, it sounds more relieving. Though, you couldn't. Troy has gotten a serious hook on you that's getting a good grip on your heart.

A knock on your car door made your heart skip a beat. You shifted and outside the stained barrier you call glass stood Holly herself. You grunted and rolled down the window to reveal Holly's boiling expression, but it softened when she noticed your eyes.

"(Y/N), I told you to take a break and rest! You told me you were fine! Now look at you! What happened?" Holly lectured you and you gulped, feeling a slight headache coming up.

"The night shift... isn't that easy as it seems. I'm not the type to stay up late and I think it's getting to me..." you lied smoothly, but Holly's white face scrunched up in outrage. "That's it, get out of the car. I'm joining you in this night shift. You can sleep while I watch the cameras so Boss doesn't think anything's wrong." She opened your car door and pulled you out. She was eager to join you, you on the other hand, aren't.

Your heart pounded in fear, unsure of what Troy would think. Troy wasn't the only problem, the Originals are going to be up and active this night and you have no idea how to encounter them and neither does Holly. Only this time, you were glad that Troy and his followers sided to protect you. Will they protect Holly? You weren't sure.

"H-Holly, I'm fine! You don't need to join me, it's an easy shift!" You tried to reason as she dragged you inside the establishment. You felt it, the eyes that only fueled your fear even more. Holly held a tight grip on your wrist that red marks were starting to spread, most of your blood most likely blocked from reaching your palms. You both entered the Office and she sat you down on the only swivel chair there was.

"(Y/N), you're my friend! I've got your back!" You wanted to cry out of fear, not wanting her to be here with you. The phone buzzed and Holly automatically clicked play.

The phone call was the only sound that you could hear echoing in your mind. He was speaking about Mangle's origins, which was surprisingly depressing to hear.

After the call ended, you were at the edge of your seat, shaking. Every little noise you hear would make you jump, however, Holly wasn't fazed. An hour into your shift and nothing surprisingly happened. Until, an earth-shattering crash disturbed the atmosphere of dread. You shrieked and covered your face with your arms. Holly huffed in confusion and flashed the corridor. "I'll go check it out, stay here okay? I'll protect you!" You couldn't stop her, she has already left with the flashlight in her hand.

That's when you cried. You were too afraid. You covered your eyes, worried that the leaking of tears will be too much. You felt an imitating presence looming over you. You felt your heart stop, but it didn't stop you from sobbing.

You felt them gently remove your hands and wiping away your salty tears with their thumbs. Your eyes are blurry from crying, though you could see the haunting figure of Troy. "Hang in there, princess. Just two more nights and you'll get used to it." You felt his soft lips pressed against your forehead, leaving behind a fluttery kiss. You were too drained to even make a reaction.

"No matter how much you hate me, I promise to protect you, (Y/N). You love me, it's that you're too stubborn to see." You closed your eyes, pondering. What was the point? Maybe, you do love him. Or were you already ready to give in so easily?

"What's the point, you've got me. I'm all yours. I have nothing else to fight for, Troy." It was true. Your happiness is gone, and without happiness, what's the point? You couldn't fight for happiness either way, the contract you signed took it from you.

You could practically feel Troy's lips twitch. To a smug grin, frown, poker? You couldn't tell.

"(Y/N), don't say that! Where's the determined and kind lady that I first met!"

"Not here. She's long gone." You casually told Troy. His reaction wasn't anything of what you were expecting; Troy's eyes were filled with fear, and for the first time. His look quickly got replaced with a stern one. Troy heaved you off your seat.

"No, you're not gone. (Y/N), you're still there. You're just blanketing yourself with guilt. C'mon, we've got an orb to protect." You shook your head before locking your hand on the Freddy mask and locking the other hand with Troy's. The both of you strolled down the shrouded corridor. This wasn't a problem for Troy, but it was for you, especially since Holly took the flashlight.

"Troy, Holly's here with me," you warned.

"I know that, I saw her walk by to where the crash was."

"What even was the crash?"

"I don't know, sounds like it's from the kitchen."

"Can we go check?!"

Troy huffed and led you down the Main Hall and past the Show Stage. The kitchen was hidden in the corner, slightly agape. It was open enough to hear the banging of pots and pans. Troy gave you a swift look before stalking ahead. You gripped on his arm, following behind. What could it be? One of the Originals? How did they get so far to the kitchen if Toy Bonnie was still on stage monitoring?

Troy kicked the door open, revealing a shocked Mangle. She wasn't the one the surprised you. It was the fact that she is currently shoving knives and pans into her animatronic self to become bigger.

"Mangle! Stop causing such a ruckus! You probably already waked them up!" Troy crossed his arms at Mangle who only yelped and scurried past the exit, accidentally cutting your shoulder. When she left, the same knife that managed to slice your skin fell to the floor. Troy picked it up and placed it in his back pocket, not caring to wipe away the small amount of blood.

"Holly's not here, let's check somewhere else then," he pointed out, which made you sigh before following Troy again. "She went to investigate the noise, so she's probably somewhere nearby."

"The only place nearby besides the Show Stage is Kid's Cove. I doubt she'll be there." You shrugged, "Who knows?" The tension grew and grew the more you neared Kid's Cove. You didn't like the building of the atmosphere. Troy approached the entrance of the Cove, but refused to peek in.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Way too quiet for it being the third night when the Originals are up and activated. That's when you smelled something. Something unpleasant. It made you gag.

"W-what is that smell?!" You asked, but whatever it was, you didn't like it. Troy peeked in, his oceanic orbs shrinking into dots, sweat rolled down his forehead. Due to curiosity, you tiptoed behind Troy and peeked over, instantly regretting it.

There was a man, a purple man. His hair is of a messy lilac with withered bunny ears sprouting from underneath. He is wearing a vest and a shredded red bow tie. His arm appeared to be ripped off, equivalent to his face. What's worse is the person laying on the floor. Holly. She didn't look too good. She was drowning in a pool of her own blood with her tongue and eyes ripped out. Her throat showed signs of being strangled, though it was if the person had trouble doing that. Looking back to the strange purple man, you realized he was coated with Holly's blood. You knew exactly who this man was, he was a part of your childhood after all.


But the surprise didn't stop there.

Bonnie rested one of his metallic fingers on his chin, tilting his head at the both of you. You weren't expecting words out of him, but he did say something.

"It's funny how dumb you are."
Moonlight by Insanityespeon
this is the result of 3-4 work send help

u can tell i gave up half-way

Show Yourself (Spring Bonnie) by Insanityespeon
Show Yourself (Spring Bonnie)
idc the lines are crooked but idk how to work this program, i need more tutorials for straight lines ;A;. Basically this is Spring Bonnie and the shadow is Shadow Bonnie. They're both connected in a way so (based on game theory) the person who died in the springlock suit is Spring Bonnie's ghost in a way. okk my hand hurts to finish this garbage idk if im going to do Fredbear ;c;
       You felt incredibly groggy, as if you could sleep for days. But that wasn't the case here. You were waking up with a throbbing sensation emitting from your throat. Your body felt inclined.

       "Look, she's waking up! Get Toy Freddy!"

       You grunted and moaned at the harsh sunlight brought upon your face. Your cheeks tinted red as the sunlight licked your face. 'What happened? It felt like I was out for weeks!' You questioned yourself. Your hand shot up directly to your throat and you felt soft gauze and bandages attached to your skin. That's when the memories came back.

       "Troy?" You rasped out and looked up to the person holding you. You nearly jolted wide awake at the fact that it wasn't Troy holding you, it was Toy Bonnie. 'I must be in some alternate dimension or something, I don't have any feel-!'

       "Thank goodness! She's alive!" You heard the familiar accent of Troy and you couldn't help but smile. "Chica, how did you even manage to heal her with just cupcakes?!"

       "It doesn't matter, what matters is that Jeremy- I mean (Y/N)'s alright." Toy Chica filled in and pointed out. Your body felt sore in Toy Bonnie's arms and you couldn't help but groan. The toy-counterpart rested his hand on your forehead and retracted quickly, flicking off the sweat that rolled down. "(Y/N)'s warm. We need to find a place to cool her down."

       "W-wait! Aren't you going to tell me what happened?!" You argued. That's when you realized that you were in Kid's Cove, except Mangle and Balloon Boy wasn't present at the moment. Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica were in their human forms as well. Toy Bonnie has cheery, green eyes with cyan blue hair. Bunny ears sprouted within his hair and two strands of hair stood out. His uniform was similar like Troy's but with the signature cyan blue. Toy Chica wore her blonde hair in a ponytail. She had make-up on and her attire was of a waitress uniform with an apron that reads 'Let's Party!'. They weren't bad looking, you had to admit.

       "Well, Foxy dragged you down the hall which managed to choke you from lack of air. Foxy couldn't get as far as he wanted to since Toy Bonnie knocked him out by surprise. You were out for a while and I was worried sick." Troy frowned at the last bit and helped you up from Toy Bonnie's arms.

       You giggled, "You? Worried about me? And you thought I was the one who cared!" You teased him which made his cheeks nearly as red as yours. He huffed, "It's only temporary..."

       "Yeah, sure big bear." You chuckled at his mad expression on his face, completely red from your teasing. You abruptly stopped laughing when you realized something. 'What am I doing conversing with him?! I hate him! He fooled me with his sickly sweet voice into a death trap and he wants to keep me here just to protect him!' You looked at Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica who were laughing at Troy's expression. The bear couldn't help but bicker with his followers like a child. 'Well, they saved my life from Foxy. I guess it's only fair.'

       "Hey, Troy. Can you and I talk for a minute, alone?" Your question made the happy atmosphere shatter only to replace it with a serious one. The Toys stopped bickering and looked at you as if you were their mom calling them by their full name. Troy nodded at his two friends. "You heard the lady, go."

       "I hope we can talk more after! You're really funny!" Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica waved at you before exiting the Cove, returning back to their positions and shifting into animatronics once more. "What's the talk about?" Troy crossed his arms and stared at you, patiently waiting for an answer.

       "Well, I'm thinking about changing positions. I don't want to be a night guard anymore. Sadly, I can't quit unless I worked for a year but if my boss -- Storm -- is willing enough to let me quit then I'll take it with no hesitation." You gulped as you felt the mood darken. Troy slanted a bit, his bangs covering his eyes.

       "You can't leave. You can't change positions. You're stuck with what you have unless you want additional work, (Y/N). Did the contract ever mention that? This company you chose to work with just holds darker secrets than you think." Troy debunked your pleas which made you boil.

       "What do you mean I chose to work here?! You made me work here! I don't want to stay just so I could die in a cheesy pizzeria meant for kids! I want a more decent death! Not a death by animatronics trying to choke the life out of me! You and I both are risking our lives at night and it's worth it for you but not for me! I'M the one who's gotta deal with a bunch of animatronics chasing me, not you!" You scoffed at him, feeling tears of rage starting to blur you eyes. You ended up falling to your knees, sobbing. "I never wanted this job... I hate you... you for toying with my heart like that!"

       "I'm sorry, darling. I really am.~ But we had a deal, none of us can go back now. Plus, I promise to protect you until my last breath. If you end up dying, I'll kill myself to be with you!~" Troy shifted back into his animatronic form and positioned himself back on the Show Stage. The doorbell chimed and who entered was probably Holly because of her footsteps. However, you heard a second pair of steps that you didn't recognize.

       You stopped sobbing and stood up weakly, exiting the Cove. You felt it again, the same eyes the bore through your skull when you woke up a mere day ago. Great, now you had to deal with paranoia that someone was watching you?

       "(Y/N)! You don't look so well, are you sure you're okay?" Holly greeted as you dragged your own feet to the counter where she stood. You could tell her green eyes lit with worry about your own (e/c) eyes that had no life in them anymore. And you only had worked for two nights so far!

       "I-I'm fine, just a bit sick." Luckily, you cooled down so it didn't seem like you were dying in the inside. "Are you sure? You can take a night off or two if you want, I'll just ask Storm." Life lit into your (e/c) orbs immediately but you felt three sets of eyes burning the back of your skull. You hated it. "I-I can't. I wish I could but I need the money."

       "What a shame, it looks like you really need a break though. Just chill back at home, alright?" Holly advised you but you shook your head. "Is it okay if I stayed here for two more hours?"

       Holly raised a brow, "What for?" You closed your eyes, not prepared for an answer. "To watch over Kid's Cove! Y'know Mangle is kinda a chocking hazard and I bet the day-shift guard can't handle watching places more than once." Those words practically flew out of your mouth, you never intended to work with Mangle. You disliked Mangle as much as you disliked Troy, but whatever keeps you out of sight from him.

       "Alright, I'll tell the boss but they aren't gonna pay you extra. I'll also tell the day-shift guard -- Jeremy Fitzgerald -- that you wanted to help him out!" You nodded nervously and backed up, not expecting another person to be behind you. "I'm sorry-!"

       "That's quite alright, just don't bump into me again!" A rough voice sounded from a ginger-haired male who was holding a tool box and a wrench. Possibly the mechanic? Good, he needed to fix Troy's attitude. "Name's Colin, I worked as the night guard before! You?"

       "I'm (Y/N) (L/N), tell me, is the third night difficult?" You kinda regretted asking since Colin's happy mood vanished. "Oh, I'm lucky to have survived. The third night and onward is when it gets very hardcore since the original animatronics move! The Puppet also winds down a hell lot faster!" You gulped, feeling a bit sick and nervous.

       "I have to go now, uh bye Colin." You stomped back to Kid's Cove where Mangle appeared on the floor once again. She looked at you, snickering. As if taunting you, she purposely made her static noise louder to annoy you. You felt it again, the same eyes the burned the back of your skull which nearly made you sob out;

'I just want to go home!'

As most of you know, I'm copying my FNaF stories onto this website (it's harder when I have no premium membership, those days are forever over </3). My main site for fan fictions is on my Quotev: and Wattpad under the same username.

I prefer if you follow me on Quotev as that is my original site where I upload and you can get an update sooner since I usually copy the new update onto Wattpad and dA a bit later. Now if you checked my Quotev, you'll realize that I have a Golden Freddy X Reader and now you're wondering; "Why didn't you transfer this one as well?"

Well, mainly because I'm lazy and the that was my first FNaF fanfiction and the writing is very sloppy. Quotev and Wattpad are the only sites to have Just Gold, if there are any other sites that aren't those two, it's been stolen.

Something I also wanna mention about my FNaF fanfics are the names I give them, they're based off songs;

Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] - Centuries by Fall Out Boy
I'm Not the One [Bonnie X Animatronic!Reader] - I'm Not the One by 3OH!3
Fairytale [Toy Freddy X Reader] - Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
Round & Round [Male!Mangle X Youtuber!Reader] - Round & Round by Selena Gomez 

(will be updated when i make more fnaf x reader)

Also, you can request down below which animatronic you want me to write about next;

Stories that you can request about:
-Toy Bonnie
-The shadow animatronics
-Male!Mangle (already done ^)
-Withered animatronics (excluding the chican)
-Phantom Animatronics (excluding Marionette, Chican, and BB)

Stories that I'm still unsure of
-Foxy (there's too many Foxy X Readers, mines is gonna be any different)
-Marionette (like idk, I honestly don't know)

Stories I will never do:
-Male!Toy Chican or Chican
-BB (n00000)
-security guards (first of all they're silent and how tf can I get a personality of that smh)
-purple guy/phone guy (wr0ng, I don't find a child murderer hot)


I'll still be posting art but I'll post more once I get a drawing tablet in August, since drawing on the computer is a pain especially if it's a Windows XP (yes I'm very ancient). Hopefully I can open up point commissions and be more successful and catch up on my FNaF and Warrior Cats drawings. But for now, you have to deal with my fanfictions.


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You cheer me up you make me happy Aw shit now don't let me get
teary here :iconlazypoolplz: cause I love you so much as a friend and
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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Hello! Neige or Candy here!
♀ | Leo | Freshman | Straight | August 4
I hope to be a writer/animator
one day! I also love to doodle and
awaiting my drawing tablet so I can
get better at digital art and start
animating. My main interest is to
strive to become a better writer,
criticism will be nice!

My faves!

-Five Nights at Freddy's (Freddy)
-Warrior Cats (Mothwing)
-The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
(Eve & Azazel)
-Dragon Ball Z (Cell & Trunks)
-Pokemon (Eeveelutions)
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-Super Smash Bros.
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-The Walking Dead [Game]
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-SCP Foundation (The Plague Doc)

Quotev: Insanityespeon
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Candy the espeon:

pon pon wei wei wei by Lost-Stars-and-Sins

Bloodtrout Icon by CoolCutePokemon




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