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Moonlight by Insanityespeon
this is the result of 3-4 work send help

u can tell i gave up half-way

Show Yourself (Spring Bonnie) by Insanityespeon
Show Yourself (Spring Bonnie)
idc the lines are crooked but idk how to work this program, i need more tutorials for straight lines ;A;. Basically this is Spring Bonnie and the shadow is Shadow Bonnie. They're both connected in a way so (based on game theory) the person who died in the springlock suit is Spring Bonnie's ghost in a way. okk my hand hurts to finish this garbage idk if im going to do Fredbear ;c;
       You felt incredibly groggy, as if you could sleep for days. But that wasn't the case here. You were waking up with a throbbing sensation emitting from your throat. Your body felt inclined.

       "Look, she's waking up! Get Toy Freddy!"

       You grunted and moaned at the harsh sunlight brought upon your face. Your cheeks tinted red as the sunlight licked your face. 'What happened? It felt like I was out for weeks!' You questioned yourself. Your hand shot up directly to your throat and you felt soft gauze and bandages attached to your skin. That's when the memories came back.

       "Troy?" You rasped out and looked up to the person holding you. You nearly jolted wide awake at the fact that it wasn't Troy holding you, it was Toy Bonnie. 'I must be in some alternate dimension or something, I don't have any feel-!'

       "Thank goodness! She's alive!" You heard the familiar accent of Troy and you couldn't help but smile. "Chica, how did you even manage to heal her with just cupcakes?!"

       "It doesn't matter, what matters is that Jeremy- I mean (Y/N)'s alright." Toy Chica filled in and pointed out. Your body felt sore in Toy Bonnie's arms and you couldn't help but groan. The toy-counterpart rested his hand on your forehead and retracted quickly, flicking off the sweat that rolled down. "(Y/N)'s warm. We need to find a place to cool her down."

       "W-wait! Aren't you going to tell me what happened?!" You argued. That's when you realized that you were in Kid's Cove, except Mangle and Balloon Boy wasn't present at the moment. Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica were in their human forms as well. Toy Bonnie has cheery, green eyes with cyan blue hair. Bunny ears sprouted within his hair and two strands of hair stood out. His uniform was similar like Troy's but with the signature cyan blue. Toy Chica wore her blonde hair in a ponytail. She had make-up on and her attire was of a waitress uniform with an apron that reads 'Let's Party!'. They weren't bad looking, you had to admit.

       "Well, Foxy dragged you down the hall which managed to choke you from lack of air. Foxy couldn't get as far as he wanted to since Toy Bonnie knocked him out by surprise. You were out for a while and I was worried sick." Troy frowned at the last bit and helped you up from Toy Bonnie's arms.

       You giggled, "You? Worried about me? And you thought I was the one who cared!" You teased him which made his cheeks nearly as red as yours. He huffed, "It's only temporary..."

       "Yeah, sure big bear." You chuckled at his mad expression on his face, completely red from your teasing. You abruptly stopped laughing when you realized something. 'What am I doing conversing with him?! I hate him! He fooled me with his sickly sweet voice into a death trap and he wants to keep me here just to protect him!' You looked at Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica who were laughing at Troy's expression. The bear couldn't help but bicker with his followers like a child. 'Well, they saved my life from Foxy. I guess it's only fair.'

       "Hey, Troy. Can you and I talk for a minute, alone?" Your question made the happy atmosphere shatter only to replace it with a serious one. The Toys stopped bickering and looked at you as if you were their mom calling them by their full name. Troy nodded at his two friends. "You heard the lady, go."

       "I hope we can talk more after! You're really funny!" Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica waved at you before exiting the Cove, returning back to their positions and shifting into animatronics once more. "What's the talk about?" Troy crossed his arms and stared at you, patiently waiting for an answer.

       "Well, I'm thinking about changing positions. I don't want to be a night guard anymore. Sadly, I can't quit unless I worked for a year but if my boss -- Storm -- is willing enough to let me quit then I'll take it with no hesitation." You gulped as you felt the mood darken. Troy slanted a bit, his bangs covering his eyes.

       "You can't leave. You can't change positions. You're stuck with what you have unless you want additional work, (Y/N). Did the contract ever mention that? This company you chose to work with just holds darker secrets than you think." Troy debunked your pleas which made you boil.

       "What do you mean I chose to work here?! You made me work here! I don't want to stay just so I could die in a cheesy pizzeria meant for kids! I want a more decent death! Not a death by animatronics trying to choke the life out of me! You and I both are risking our lives at night and it's worth it for you but not for me! I'M the one who's gotta deal with a bunch of animatronics chasing me, not you!" You scoffed at him, feeling tears of rage starting to blur you eyes. You ended up falling to your knees, sobbing. "I never wanted this job... I hate you... you for toying with my heart like that!"

       "I'm sorry, darling. I really am.~ But we had a deal, none of us can go back now. Plus, I promise to protect you until my last breath. If you end up dying, I'll kill myself to be with you!~" Troy shifted back into his animatronic form and positioned himself back on the Show Stage. The doorbell chimed and who entered was probably Holly because of her footsteps. However, you heard a second pair of steps that you didn't recognize.

       You stopped sobbing and stood up weakly, exiting the Cove. You felt it again, the same eyes the bore through your skull when you woke up a mere day ago. Great, now you had to deal with paranoia that someone was watching you?

       "(Y/N)! You don't look so well, are you sure you're okay?" Holly greeted as you dragged your own feet to the counter where she stood. You could tell her green eyes lit with worry about your own (e/c) eyes that had no life in them anymore. And you only had worked for two nights so far!

       "I-I'm fine, just a bit sick." Luckily, you cooled down so it didn't seem like you were dying in the inside. "Are you sure? You can take a night off or two if you want, I'll just ask Storm." Life lit into your (e/c) orbs immediately but you felt three sets of eyes burning the back of your skull. You hated it. "I-I can't. I wish I could but I need the money."

       "What a shame, it looks like you really need a break though. Just chill back at home, alright?" Holly advised you but you shook your head. "Is it okay if I stayed here for two more hours?"

       Holly raised a brow, "What for?" You closed your eyes, not prepared for an answer. "To watch over Kid's Cove! Y'know Mangle is kinda a chocking hazard and I bet the day-shift guard can't handle watching places more than once." Those words practically flew out of your mouth, you never intended to work with Mangle. You disliked Mangle as much as you disliked Troy, but whatever keeps you out of sight from him.

       "Alright, I'll tell the boss but they aren't gonna pay you extra. I'll also tell the day-shift guard -- Jeremy Fitzgerald -- that you wanted to help him out!" You nodded nervously and backed up, not expecting another person to be behind you. "I'm sorry-!"

       "That's quite alright, just don't bump into me again!" A rough voice sounded from a ginger-haired male who was holding a tool box and a wrench. Possibly the mechanic? Good, he needed to fix Troy's attitude. "Name's Colin, I worked as the night guard before! You?"

       "I'm (Y/N) (L/N), tell me, is the third night difficult?" You kinda regretted asking since Colin's happy mood vanished. "Oh, I'm lucky to have survived. The third night and onward is when it gets very hardcore since the original animatronics move! The Puppet also winds down a hell lot faster!" You gulped, feeling a bit sick and nervous.

       "I have to go now, uh bye Colin." You stomped back to Kid's Cove where Mangle appeared on the floor once again. She looked at you, snickering. As if taunting you, she purposely made her static noise louder to annoy you. You felt it again, the same eyes the burned the back of your skull which nearly made you sob out;

'I just want to go home!'

       "Toy Chica, p-please," Mangle excused as Toy Chica peeked over your shoulder, her gleaming eyes engrossing into your soul along with her devious smirk. You never deemed her as scary in the game itself but now that you have a personal close-up, it's safe to say she's absolutely horrifying.

       You gulped as her glare hardened before retracting her head from your shoulders in which you whimpered in relief. "Who exactly is this?!" Toy Chica demanded, multiple beeps emitting from her as if she was trying to scan you. "And you're in human form! How absurd, I never seen that form in ages! You finally reveal yourself after all the damage that I caused you!" Her last statement confused you. Damage? Was Mangle also abused by the toy counterparts that you considered his allies?

       Mangle scratched the back of his hair nervously, "Listen, Chica, this is (Y/N) (L/N) a YouTuber." He introduced you and Toy Chica titled her head slightly. "I mean, I know you won't believe me but she came from another dimension and according to her all of this is just some video game in her world." You nodded in agreement as she eyed the both of you. There was pregnant silence until it was shattered with Toy Chica's laughter.

       "HA! You really think I believe that?! Other dimension! You're as naive and gullible as ever, Mangle! (Y/N)'s probably the security guard and you're just having your fun with her!" Mangle growled and stood in front of you in a protective stance. "Just leave us alone, we're wasting time here!" Your (e/c) eyes shrunk as Toy Chica took a step closer before pointing at a nearby wall clock. It read 12AM.

       "You're not wasting time at all, either the clock is broken or we are actually stuck in time. And those clocks are brand new, too!" Toy Chica scolded before turning away, ready to leave. "And the both of you are the waste of my breaths, I'll keep my mouth shut about (Y/N) under one condition, she leaves." Toy Chica spat out before embarking down the hall before stopping once more. "Oh and by the way, there's no security guard at all."

       You and Mangle heaved a sigh of relief before looking at one another. You checked the time on your phone for it to say 12AM as well. Is time really frozen? "Damn it, it's locked!" Mangle cursed under his breath as you look up to see him struggling with the restroom doors. "Now we can never get help from him!"

       "Who exactly is he?" You crossed your arms and waited for an answer from the struggling Mangle before he gave up and turned to you. "I keep hearing the old animatronics talk about him, he's some kind of ghost or phantom with powerful knowledge. I didn't really get to see him since I'm always stuck in Kid's Cove."

       "Maybe he appears on later nights? But time's frozen..." You counter-argued with your own reason and checked the time again; 12AM. "I'm guessing time will move if I'm the security guard, that's basically the whole point of the game--" "NO! It's too dangerous to be a guard even if there isn't one at the moment! You're risking your life and I need you here to help me!" Mangle held your hand and brought it close to his chest with a sorrow expression. "Please... someone else needs to take the role so I can get you out of here safe and sound, not beaten like a rag doll just like me."

       You were surprised by his protective actions and his reasoning, "I get it, you're a YouTuber. Your job is to entertain people but risking your life isn't entertaining anyone, (Y/N)." Mangle whispered out in a low tone and lost his tension, calming down. You hung your head low, your (h/c) locks fanning over your head.

       "I see, but how can we find another guard if time's frozen? Isn't there supposed to be a guard here?" You questioned, deep in doubt. You can't just spawn here and suddenly time freezes and the guard is gone. "The last guard was Fritz Smith, they should have a new guard by now, it's unusual if they don't. I'm guessing there isn't any hope for us." You held Mangle's shoulders, not letting his usual optimistic personality go down.

       "No! Stop it with that attitude! Surely enough someone needs to be there, and if someone doesn't arrive then I'll have to take the place! I get that you're worried but--" You bit your tongue, stopping yourself from talking anymore than you should. You heard a monstrous growl near your location which made Mangle's ears go flat. "We stayed here a bit too long, didn't we?"

       In the shadows near the door of the Parts/Service room stood a tall figure you know all too well. He looked much more intimidating, especially in the darkness. There stood none other than the fandom's fan favorite -- Foxy. His suit was all torn and ragged and he was baring his fangs at your helpless form. You were nothing but a YouTuber, someone who plays games as their job. Not defending yourself from wild animatronics. You felt something wrap around your waist and you realized Mangle was embracing you close with his endoskeleton tentacles.

       "Well just fuck me right up why don't ya?" Sweat dripped down your forehead. Upon your constant cursing under your breath did Foxy lunge at you just as Mangle pulled you up.

                     ___________________(REAL WORLD)_____________________

       Everything was frantic back home. It had been weeks since you were missing and your fans had gone crazy. Even your fellow YouTuber friends were concerned about you going missing. All of them heard rumors that apparently (YouTube Name) got attacked by an animatronic that popped out during a livestream. Some YouTubers decided to host a Skype chat in which they were willing to talk about you.

      Saladass (Pewdiepie): I'm pretty sure you all heard what happened with (YouTube Name)?

       ChaoticMonki: She was even on the news too! I can't keep watching DBZ without a constant warning about her!

       Markiplier: We have to do something about it.

       MatPatGT: Mark's right y'know, it's a shame all of us are busy.

      Jacksepticeye: Hey Mark, don't you have (Y/N)'s address after that one time you two played Garry's Mod?

       Saladass (Pewdiepie): Yeah Mark, go take a look. She's not that far from you since you both are in LA.

       MatPatGT: I'll go with you too, Mark.

       Markiplier: Fine, taking a peek won't hurt.

       ChaoticMonki: Thank God, I just want those ads out of my life.

       Jacksepticeye: Good luck, Mark!

       Markiplier logged off.

       MattPattGT logged off.


       "Heh, what do you know, it's unlocked." Mark commented as both Matthew and him stepped inside your home. The lights were turned off shrouding everything in darkness. "Where's her recording room?" Matthew asked, observing the place in awe. "That way I think." Matthew followed Mark's trail until he opened the room to find your equipment scattered around with only the computer screen illuminating the room with dim light.

       Mark sat down on your chair and looked at the computer screen. "Five Nights at Freddy's 2? No wonder people are making stupid excuses." He felt Matthew grab the chair as both examined the menu screen of the game, finding nothing unusual. "She's not here, let's check around some more." Matthew pointed out.

       "Wait, lemme see if an animatronic is gonna jump out and attack me." Mark laughed near the end and pressed continue. "C'mon Mark, y'know those rumors are fake. There's no way a an animatronic could literally just pop out."

       "But that's just a theory!" Mark imitated Matthew's voice before becoming alert. The screen was black, perhaps it was frozen? "Oh..." Mark moved around the mouse but the game didn't want to load.

       "Mark--!" A blinding light consumed their vision as Matthew reached out for Mark.

       Once it was safe after Mangle removed his hand over your lips, you let out a breath you didn't even know you were holding. "Mangle, who was that?" You whispered to him, still cautious if whoever the figure was was still out there. Mangle's gaze seemed zoned out; blank. It was hard to tell what his emotions were behind his one working eye. Besides his other head, of course. But that head doesn't really have a brain.

       Mangle huffed in reaction, "I don't know, not even the voice seems familiar and my scanners can't track them. All I know that whatever that was wasn't a person or animatronic that I know of." You nodded at his explanation.

       "I'm still confused. How did I get here in the first place? And you said you didn't even bring me here?" You dug deeper into your brain. 'What if that figure was the one who sent me here? After all, who could they be talking about when they said 'she'? I blame everything on Scott Cawthon!' Your mind started to ramble on which made you even more worried. Mangle noticed this and squeezed your hand in comfort. You train of thoughts scattered and you realized the current situation. You couldn't help but feel warmth on your (s/c) cheeks. Mangle chuckled before standing up, pulling you up with him.

       You yelped and collided with his chest in which you recoiled nervously, feeling flustered. "Honestly, I don't know what to do. You're a Youtuber that came from another world where me and everything else is just a game? I honestly find that hard to believe but I'll take any explanation if you're clueless, unless you're acting." Mangle raised his brow and observed you, trying to find a trace of sweat or anything that proves that you might be lying.

       "I don't blame you, if I were you I wouldn't believe so myself. I would prove it if I could but it seems that," you took out your (iPhone/Android/etc) and checked the signal, "I have no service. It's probably because this is a game dimension." You put your phone away.

       "Well, even if you were lying, I'm used to being lied to. I get torn apart physically and emotionally everyday." Mangle stated as if it was normal to say and you blinked in shock. Mangle? A kind and happy person gets torn apart?! You understood the physical parts because of the kids but who would ever insult Mangle like that? "Mangle, I-I'm so sorry--"

       "Save it," He started but felt like he was stuck. "You want to go back to the 'real world', correct?" You nodded. "Well, I'm here to help you, (Y/N). I'm so glad I'm friends with you, you're the only one so far to be so polite and not stab me in the back!" He responded in a cheery mood and embraced you. "Thank you!" He laughed and you accepted the hug in shock, feeling tears pricking your (e/c) orbs. Honestly, you were afraid that you had to overcome this by yourself but you were glad that Mangle decided to help you with your escape. It sounded impossible, but the both of you will try.

       Mangle pulled apart and realized that you were crying. "Ah, (Y/N)! Was it something I said?! I'm--!" You interjected his apology. "No, no! I'm crying tears of joy! I'm so glad you want to help me!" Mangle smiled but his ears dropped, placing a finger on his mouth. "I totally forgot we have to stay quiet. By now, the Puppet probably heard us."

       You tilted your head, you knew of the Puppet due to the Livestream but you never really knew what it looks like or how it's activated. "What now? Do we stay here or...?" You questioned. "Well, what your main objective besides getting the hell outta here?" Mangle questioned your question and you hummed in thought. You never really considered it. "I... want to find out who the mysterious person is. They might have brought me here and I need to know why. I highly doubt that they're still lurking around but we can give it a shot. Do you know anyone that can help us?" You explained.

       "Actually, I do," his second head grumble, blinking its eye. "He's not really a friend but it's someone we can trust. He can be anywhere in this pizzeria right now, but let's check the restrooms. It's the safest place that's untouched by other animatronics here."

       "W-why would anyone reside in a restroom? I'd rather live in a fridge!" You argued as Mangle gestured for you to be silent and follow. You huffed and pouted, obliging to his commands. "You look so adorable.~" Mangle teased you.

       "Eh?!" You exclaimed, surprised at what he called you. You blushed ferociously and couldn't respond back since Mangle basically dragged you through the pizzeria. You couldn't walk yourself to the restrooms anyways since you had very little knowledge about the layout. You and Mangle passed by the Party Rooms before entering the Main Hall. You tensed as you realized that the Parts/Service room has its door slightly ajar. Since Five Nights at Freddy's is a horror game, you expected something to jump out. Mangle noticed your concern and placed his hand on your shoulder and giving you a thumbs up with the other.

       "It's alright, (Y/N). As long as you're with me, you're safe and sound. I'm tougher than you look, believe it or not!" Mangle boasted and you cracked a smile. 'I'm glad he's so cheerful in the negative and positive. If he had a YouTube channel he would base it around vlogs and optimistic videos to cheer depressed people from their state. I can even collab with him if I could!' You felt your worries drown away almost completely until you felt a presence behind you, a really tall presence.

       Your eyes shrunk and so did Mangle's in horror. You didn't expect to be caught so easily, but then again FNaF 2 has like five million animatronics coming after you. If Mangle was terrified then that meant whoever this animatronic was, they're threatening. "M-Mangle?" You called to him but didn't dare look back, none of you did.

       "A-ah! Please, j-just let us go!" Mangle tried to plead which confused you. Didn't he say a few seconds ago that he was tough?! You craned your neck slightly, not expecting the animatronic to be right next to your ear. Ah, no wonder Mangle is terrified.

       "Who said that I'm just gonna let you go that easily?"

As most of you know, I'm copying my FNaF stories onto this website (it's harder when I have no premium membership, those days are forever over </3). My main site for fan fictions is on my Quotev: and Wattpad under the same username.

I prefer if you follow me on Quotev as that is my original site where I upload and you can get an update sooner since I usually copy the new update onto Wattpad and dA a bit later. Now if you checked my Quotev, you'll realize that I have a Golden Freddy X Reader and now you're wondering; "Why didn't you transfer this one as well?"

Well, mainly because I'm lazy and the that was my first FNaF fanfiction and the writing is very sloppy. Quotev and Wattpad are the only sites to have Just Gold, if there are any other sites that aren't those two, it's been stolen.

Something I also wanna mention about my FNaF fanfics are the names I give them, they're based off songs;

Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] - Centuries by Fall Out Boy
I'm Not the One [Bonnie X Animatronic!Reader] - I'm Not the One by 3OH!3
Fairytale [Toy Freddy X Reader] - Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
Round & Round [Male!Mangle X Youtuber!Reader] - Round & Round by Selena Gomez 

(will be updated when i make more fnaf x reader)

Also, you can request down below which animatronic you want me to write about next;

Stories that you can request about:
-Toy Bonnie
-The shadow animatronics
-Male!Mangle (already done ^)
-Withered animatronics (excluding the chican)
-Phantom Animatronics (excluding Marionette, Chican, and BB)

Stories that I'm still unsure of
-Foxy (there's too many Foxy X Readers, mines is gonna be any different)
-Marionette (like idk, I honestly don't know)

Stories I will never do:
-Male!Toy Chican or Chican
-BB (n00000)
-security guards (first of all they're silent and how tf can I get a personality of that smh)
-purple guy/phone guy (wr0ng, I don't find a child murderer hot)


I'll still be posting art but I'll post more once I get a drawing tablet in August, since drawing on the computer is a pain especially if it's a Windows XP (yes I'm very ancient). Hopefully I can open up point commissions and be more successful and catch up on my FNaF and Warrior Cats drawings. But for now, you have to deal with my fanfictions.


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Youtube: Insanityespeon
Tumblr: mangled-toy/insanityespeon
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Candy the espeon:

pon pon wei wei wei by Lost-Stars-and-Sins

Bloodtrout Icon by CoolCutePokemon




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Thank you for the watch :)
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CO - Tawny by ghostiibear
DarkDrakeSkye Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Omg i love your art!! Can i hug Billy?
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*awkward glomp* friend?
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Thank you for the +fav's Hug 
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