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A Gurgling Sketch by Insanityespeon
A Gurgling Sketch

but the gurglings are my fave boss in the binding of isaac c: they're so cute and I call them little womb children
Tawny the Cat by Insanityespeon
Tawny the Cat
i just got my drawing tablet but since I had a windows XP and my disc don't work I'm forced to install a random free art program and i'm crying because im so used to the old version without any layers or anything so this was very new to me and i messed up a lot but I have a lot to learn
       You opened your eyes with a determined glare just to see an outraged Foxy and hovering Mangle at the now broken window panel. An unsatisfied growl escaped Foxy's mouth before rolling his pupils to the back of his mechanical skull; showing vacant eyes. "So yer back, (Y/N)? How unfortunate that 'tis be your last night!" Foxy's eyes steamed and pounced directly towards you, ignoring Springtrap whom was trying to block him from you.

       With all your strength gathered, you grabbed your cozy rolling chair and swung it against the phantom's sturdy head. The impact penetrated his skull which left Foxy flying to the wall, breaking his jaw and knocking him out cold. Or that's what you thought anyways. 'Geez! I didn't know I had it in me!' Either that or it was Shadow Bonnie helping you in which you doubt since he was still dormant inside. The Mangle screeched and lunged from above, catching you off guard. You fell to the floor, hands over your mass of (h/c) hair to protect yourself from her snapping jaws.

       Springtrap stood above you and hissed as he tried to keep Mangle's jaws away from you. "G-G-GO AW-AWAY!" Mangle hollered to Springtrap. "No! I won't let you even lay a finger on (Y/N)!" He successfully tore her jaws wide open before tearing her off from the ceiling and tossing Mangle to the entrance of the Office with bolts flying. Yeah, it was violent but animatronics never listen. You stood again after the coast was clear and you pressed your back against Springtrap's, focusing on your own rivals. The bunny gave you a glance, his insanity finally returning into his eyes. "Are you ready, kitten?~" You flashed him a determined smirk.

       "Ready as I will ever be." You departed away from each other, focusing on your enemy beforehand. Foxy was trying his best to stand up and the steamy look on his charred face didn't help boost your confidence. You could tell the fox was ready to pounce once more. "Foxy, you know that same trick won't affect me at all, and I don't think it ever will." You told him calmly despite the grunts and screeches in the background.

       He fell to the floor after his struggling, his angered look faded instantly was replaced with sorrow, "Ye, I know. But it ain't easy when ya go no hand and only a hook." Foxy whimpered like a puppy who didn't receive what he wanted. You uncurled your tense fists and slumped your shoulders. 'Damn, I never thought that I would feel sorry for an annoying prick.' You cautiously approached him and crouched down.

       After noticing that he made no attempt to harm you, you spoke, "What if we make a deal," This offer made Foxy's ears perk up. "You can side with me and Springtrap and you'll never get hurt again. You're gonna be free when you're with us." Foxy's mouth was agape in awe. "I would accept it but there be one tiny flaw." You raised a brow at his point. "What is it?"

       "That you and Springshit are in it!" You wailed as Foxy charged his charred snout at your neck since he was a small phantom. His teeth sunk into your neck, trying to destroy your air supply.

       "(Y/N)!" You heard Springtrap call out but you were busy trying to get the betraying fox off of you. "YE KILLED CHICA! MY ONLY FRIEND IN THIS HELLHOLE I RESIDE IN! WHY SHOULD I EVER LISTEN TO A MURDERER LIKE YOU--!" Foxy stopped his rant and yelped as Springtrap tossed Mangle upon him, breaking his contact on your neck and falling to the floor with Mangle tangling him on accident.

       You regained your breath as Springtrap placed his hand on your shoulder. "Are you alright? You should let me deal with the Phantoms instead, I can't stand seeing you get hurt." He gave you a concerned/stern look and you sighed. "No, Springtrap. I need to fight, I'm tired of being so weak and being tossed around like a toy." You fixed your slumped posture into a more firm one. "Alright, but you're sticking close to me." You rolled your eyes at his statement. "Should I end these two or will you, kitten?~" Springtrap's smirk once again was plastered on his face.

       You shook your head, "Leave them," you stated as you watched the two foxes struggle to untangle which only seemed like they made the situation worse. "We've got others to worry about."

       'But where can the Puppet and the kid be? Both are much more wiser and stronger, well the Puppet's stronger. I don't think the kid has enough muscle to body slam me.' Your train of thoughts crashed when Springtrap snapped his fingers to get your attention. "Kitten, are you there? We need to find the last two."

       'Oh, they aren't the last,' you thought. "Of course, but the problem is that we don't know where they are exactly. We can check the halls but we gotta be quiet. Otherwise that stupid Puppet would snap our necks apart." Springtrap folded his arms and nodded. "I hate to admit it but how are we going to beat him? He's much more stronger and intelligent than us both, no offense."

       You embarked your way to the entrance of your Office and peeked out, cautiously looking out for the Phantoms. "Don't worry about it, let's see if we can avoid him. I don't mind if I run into that balloon kid but our main objective is to get to where this dark aura is. If we fight before we reach this aura then we're going to be worn out." You explained, covering the truth about the dark aura.

       The both of you stealthily crept in the shadows of the horror attraction with Springtrap leading the way, your shoes barely making any taps on the checker-tile floor. You were paranoid of any little squeaks or breeze that made your ears uncomfortable. In all honestly, you have never been this alert in your life, maybe because your life was on the line? 'Shadow Bonnie, are you there?' you thought hard but gained no response. You remembered that in order to wake him up, you and Springtrap must both be angered at the same level. You nearly huffed a sigh but you bit your lips to prevent any sounds.

       You finally reached the same hall where the Puppet first spawned and the both of you stayed in the shadows, trying to see anything that's suspicious. "I'm risking it." Springtrap whispered to you so low that you barely understood what he just said. You watched Springtrap step into the cascading light of Chica's eye and stood still with ears alert. Your pupils shrunk and you gulped, trying to reach out to him.

       "Spring--!" you yelped before falling face first to the ground, your nose cracked and you felt the warm sensation of blood. 'Whoever did that, I'm beating there ass!' It was obvious that someone had tripped you on purpose and you stood up face-to-face with the charred face of a Puppet. His eyes engrossed into yours with a cold stare that made you feel intimidated, your face losing its color. 'Never mind, he's gonna end up beating my ass.' You unconsciously stepped back from the Puppet's close-up and ended up bumping your legs into the balloon boy.

       Your face showed distraught and hopelessness while Springtrap was more infuriated and tense. "Puppet, we're not here to beat you into a bloody pulp. We're more concerned about something else." You reasoned. The Puppet squinted at you and huffed, "Oh, really? You're more concerned about this new appearance of someone else in this attraction? You two won't stand a chance against him, he's far more powerful, even than me."

       "We don't care! We'll die trying to get rid of him! He's the source of all evil in this place! The one haunting me and everyone else chained to this place!" You argued, despite Springtrap being confused on why you should die trying to get rid of an evil aura that popped up out of nowhere. The Puppet scoffed with a straight face, "Very well, you're going to receive your death wish. I won't even bother attacking you, I want you to suffer his wrath just like we did. There's no way you can free us from him, even if you managed to kill the second weakest Phantom in one blow." You heard BB scoff angrily from behind. "Excuse me?!"

       "As for you Springtrap," The Puppet turned around to face the confused bunny. "No matter what happens, you're stuck here forever. I know that you're fully aware of that. However, protect your pesky lover here, would you? You wouldn't want her to face him alone, now would you?" The Puppet vanished along with BB without a trace, leaving the both of you to ponder.

       "Okay, (Y/N). Just what exactly is this presence that showed up?" You sighed at his question. "Well, you know how I have Shadow Bonnie inside my soul? Well, the Boss of this place is Shadow Freddy and he tried killing me this afternoon in a dream. I've also unlocked my memories. Supposedly, when you were running in business with Golden Freddy, me and the Boss used to be pals and performed inside of the suits. Then one day, I was stressed out inside the suit, which in this case was yours, and breathed on the spring locks a bit too hard. They were activated and killed me while my Boss was surprised and freaking out which caused him the same fate. We took the forms of Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy and decided that we should be reincarnated in a later date but never dare to cross paths. Unfortunately, Shadow Freddy couldn't handle it and decided to call out for me which made me reach this place. He's planning something and I'm involved in it. That's why I want to stop him."

       Springtrap just stared blankly, trying to grind and process this information. "So, recap, your past self along with the Boss died in my suit along with Freddy's and decided to reincarnate into what you are now and everything was fine until he decided to reach out for you?" You nodded at his summary. "Basically, life was much easier when I wasn't aware of any of this." You heaved a heavy sigh after your complaint.

       Follow me.

      'That fucker, he heard my conversation. Of course he can see it all.' You growled at the voice. The only difference was that his voice was echoing throughout the attraction which made Springtrap alert. 'I'm here to save you, don't worry.' You thought as you looked at Springtrap. "It's obvious that it's a trap and I don't want you to get slaughtered."

       "Why? So you can suffer even more? Don't be so stubborn, I'm not dying anytime soon." Springtrap growled under his breath and stuck close to you as you traveled once more, trying to find where Yariel is.

       Follow me.

       "I hear you," you scoffed and followed the voice, Springtrap trailing behind. The echoing stopped when you reached an empty space with a boarded-up room up ahead. The space you were both in was rather eerie and silent with a dreadful atmosphere. "Show yourself!" You exclaimed, not afraid to confront your old ally. 'Now would be a good time to show up!' You told yourself in your mind, hoping for Shadow Bonnie to pick up. You and Springtrap were both tense and in your battle stances, ready for any surprise but still nothing showed.

       "Are you sure he's here?" You could practically here the tension in Springtrap's voice. "He's just--AH!" You hollered in pain when a force impacted your face, clawing your cheek. The impact made you stumble and nearly fall with a stinging cheek. You nearly cried out until Yariel himself spawned in front of the boarded room with a pearly white smirk with glowing eyes. He was nothing but an outline with a top hat and bear ears at this point.

       "Awe, the both of you showed up. I thought I was going to have a lonely party all for myself." Yariel watched as Springtrap helped you with your wound. "You're both weak as per usual. I honestly don't understand, why show up? You're going to die either way." He commented.

       "Shut it, Yariel. We might as well die trying so we can free ourselves. Why build another Freddy Fazbear place anyways!" Yariel's smirk grew wider. "That's because of several reasons and you're one of them. We could have been together and hunt down our nightmares, the animatronics who caused us death. But no, you had to grow attached to the stupid bunny who killed you in the first place! Now I have to take charge here and make sure you suffer as well! There's no way you're getting out alive tonight, I'll make sure of that!" Yariel ran around the both of you in a circle before becoming nothing but a purple blur encircling you and Springtrap.

       "Shit!" Springtrap tried to catch Yariel but his neck ended up getting clawed at. This was not part of the plan. 'Shadow Bonnie are you there?! I need you, damn it!' You screamed as Yariel gripped on your neck and tried to choke you but dropped you when Springtrap aimed a punch.

      I can't.

       'What do you mean you can't! I'm getting my ass handed over to Yariel!'
You managed to grab Yariel's arm so he could stop running around and he grinned before releasing an aura blast that sent you flying. You collided with the walls and fell with a major wound on your side, blood seeping heavily.

       It hurts to fight someone you had known for fifty years, especially if they're your pal.

       'Well, he's not being such a pal now!'

       You do know that if one of us dies, so does the other, right?

       'I don't care! As long as I save Springtrap!'
You struggled to get up. You checked your injuries and realized that it was very deep. Ouch, you were gonna need that stitched if you don't want to bleed to death. 'Is there any way we can beat him?'

       Yes, he's vulnerable. Thanks to your boyfriend he killed Golden Freddy which made Yariel loose a part of him. His ability to no get hurt. I know you want him to suffer and free this cruel place so I have a suggestion. Burn. Burn this place to the ground along with everything in it. Make sure Springtrap has a way to escape. I would die along with Yariel once more even if it pains me.

       You observed how Springtrap was all bloody and bruised from Yariel's beating. After Shadow Bonnie's explanation, you felt yourself grow bunny ears and teeth. You grew a fluffy tail along with claws, you knew Shadow Bonnie was only offering half of himself since he just couldn't speak to Yariel. Tears streamed down your face as your vision got blurry from the painful wound. You shot a small shadow ball between Springtrap and Yariel which made the both of them shocked.

       "Shadow Bonnie doesn't want to show his face around me, huh? You can't beat me anyways, (Y/N)! Even with full power, I'm much more stronger than you'll ever be!" Yariel hissed, black mist surrounding him. You stood guard in front of Springtrap whom kept panting at his own blood loss despite being immortal. Your tears stopped once you flashed fire in both of your hands which made Yariel seem scared.

       "You didn't die of the spring locks, Yariel. You lied to me. You were sent to the hospital but you go so mad at my death that you set the place on fire, killing yourself. I'm not your pal, I have Springtrap. And he's a better person than you'll ever be!" You signaled Springtrap to back off in which he obliged before impacting the ground with flames in full force. "(Y/N)! STOP!" Yariel screeched above the drastic flames. "If one of us dies so does the other!" You could see Shadow Freddy escaping Yariel's body in a hurry which also made you feel weak.

       You realized that your claws were starting to form back to fingers and a black mass was also trying to escape your body. 'Shadow Bonnie...' You recognized as he struggled to be free. Springtrap held your hand and tugged you. "Let's go! You could have done something else instead, y'know!" He realized that you were too weak to move and he carried you bride-style and ran.

       Your vision was starting to get very blurry and your eyelids were heavy. 'So, this is it?' You thought as you passed by Foxy who was burning along with Mangle and the Puppet.

       "I don't care if I die again, as long as I see Chica!" Foxy bravely handled the flames that was tearing his suit apart but Mangle wasn't taking it lightly. "I don't want to die!" She rasped out as the flames consumed her. The Puppet stared as the both you tried to escape and he flashed you a small smile before the flames started to melt him away. Debris started to fall down which made Springtrap switch directions multiple times due to the sizzling fire. "There's the exit! Don't give up, (Y/N)! I need you here!" You couldn't respond as Springtrap found an opening between the walls and pushed you out first before following behind.

       You landed upon the soil and Springtrap carried you once more, running far away from the burning attraction with your bleeding form in his hands. It was too late, Shadow Bonnie has left you and you inhaled too much smoke that made your throat contract. Springtrap found a clear area before settling you down, removing any annoying (h/c) locks that sprawled on your face. "Listen to me, you're going to make it!" Springtrap reassured you, his eyes filled with despair in which you hated to see.

       "You and I both know that I won't make it," you barely managed to rasp out, "I'm sorry that I can't make you happy anymore, I wanted you to be free."

       "You always make me happy, (Y/N). When I'm around you, I'm as free as I can be! You can't die on me, I love you too much!" You felt his tears drop on your chest as he cried. Your eyelids were dropping and you couldn't move, you were weak. You offered him a smile. "I love you, too." You whispered out before your life was drained from your eyes. "SHIT! No, no, no!" He held you in his arms and sobbed away, never feeling so much pain in his life.

       While he cried, a light formed above you two. "Go away!" Springtrap didn't even bother to look at the light. "Um, wow, rude. I know we were in bad terms but that's not a nice first impression." Springtrap stopped sobbing and looked towards the light above him. "Alexander?!" Springtrap's jaw was agape in surprise and shock as Alexander planted his feet firmly to the ground before the light went dim.

       "Yeah man! I'm a spooky ghost thanks to you! I learned that whatever dies in Freddy Fazbear's stays in Freddy Fazbear's. Anyways, that's not the point, the point is that I came to help you." Alexander explained.

       "Why would you help me if I was the one who murdered you?"

       "I'd rather give my life to someone who needs it. (Y/N)'s young and she needs to live her life with you. I don't want to be stuck in a cheesy horror attraction for the rest of my life. So I'm offering my only life to (Y/N), it's my job to protect (Y/N) too, y'know, 'cause I'm the Phone Dude." Alexander tried to joke but Springtrap only gave him a stern glare. Alex folded his arms and pouted, "I'm taking one for the team here." Alexander gave a thumbs up before entering your body, more specifically your heart.

       After a few seconds, Springtrap thought Alexander was lying until you woke up and started to cough. "(Y/N)!" Springtrap hugged you tightly and you laughed, hugging him back. "I'm so glad you're back!"

       "I don't know how but I'm thankful," you smiled, breaking apart the hug and staring into each other's eyes with admiration. That is until Springtrap started to cry tears of joy. "I thought I was going to loose you!" He kissed you passionately on your soft lips, savoring you.

       "I'm here, Springtrap. I'm not leaving your side. You know that I love you too much to do so anyways." You embraced him and so did he. He lift you up and you giggled, never feeling so happy in your life. "And I love you as well." Springtrap confessed before kissing you on the lips as the sky was filled with grey. Rain started to pour down and it calmed the crackling fire from far as you both still kissed in the rain, happy for your new lives together.


      'Thank you, Alexander.'


       Everything was silent, a teenager sat in a room with two adults. One of them was standing while the other one typed away on the computer with a printer next to it. The one typing away in the vacant room was an old man. "So, you're Melanie Cane? The only survivor from the tragic accident at the horror attraction?" The old man asked as he kept on typing.

       Melanie nodded, "Yes, it's obvious that Bos-- I mean, Yariel Sanchez died in the fire along with (Y/N) (L/N) who's body vanished without a trace."

       "Is there anyone else who's confirmed dead and works at the attraction?" The other guy asked and Melanie nodded. "There's Javier Gailes who committed suicide after finding out Cristian Ackerman died in a car accident. Alexander Wayne also died in the horror attraction but it was before the fire, what killed him is unspecified. Then there's Nathan Oakley, he's a guy who works behind the counter, who also died in the horror attraction during the day. What killed him is unknown. Yariel also hired several other works but they never turned up at the attraction." Melanie finished and the old man nodded.

       "Is there anything that you salvaged from the attraction or was everything burned down?" He asked and Melanie fixed her red-rimmed glasses before placing a figurine on the desk. The old man stopped typing and glanced at the item. "What is that supposed to be?"

       "Well, by the looks of it Javier made it for (Y/N) as a gift." Melanie explained. "And who do those two resemble?"

       "Springtrap, the horror attraction himself, and (Y/N) (L/N) as the security guard. Is there anything we can do with this?" The teen asked as the old man printed something from his computer before showing the printed paper to Melanie and the other person in the room. "So we can confirm this?" The old man asked, pointing at the information in the paper.

Yariel Sanchez--Deceased
(Y/N) (L/N)--Deceased
Nathan Oakley--Deceased
Melanie Cane--Alive
Javier Gailes--Deceased
Cristian Ackerman--Deceased
Alexander Wayne--Deceased

       "We can just report that we tried looking for (Y/N)'s, Alexander's, and Nathan's bodies but they were missing."

       "There's nothing else to confirm anyways."

       "So what do you suggest we do with this Springtrap and (Y/N) gift?" Melanie asked, looking upon the item she managed to salvage. The old man smiled and laughed which confused the other guy in the room.

       "We sell it to public auction, of course!"


And just one mistake
Is all it would take
We'll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] END
you guys can ask questions in the comments of what happens, I'm afraid I can't put my fun facts on deviantart so this will be the only thing i can tell you;

You can draw fan art, animation, etc to this story HOWEVER if you're going to make an unofficial sequel/prequel please make it a one-shot/short story because I don't want an unofficial sequel/prequel floating around. That is all. Thank <3
       You closed your eyes, preparing for your upcoming death but... nothing. It was like you had stopped falling in general and stayed frozen in time. You slightly opened one eye before deciding to open both of them to examine just what the hell was going on. A glimmering white light was shining, illuminating the darkness that surrounded you. 'How am I floating?' You only got more confused when you figured out you were floating in a void of darkness with only a petite light shining meters away from you. Noting that there was nothing else but the light, you decided to head towards it. 'Not sure if this is a good idea.' You immediately closed your eyes once more to avoid the searing burn of the light as it consumed you.

       'Yay, I totally missed having these visions.' You snarled sarcastically to yourself when you woke up in a body of a kid with a mask. You couldn't see what mask you were wearing but you didn't want to. You just wanted this nightmare to end. You dragged your small legs through the hall where other kids resided with masks and cakes. 'Is it someone's birthday?' You told yourself but ignored it when you eventually reached a table with the same cake that you always gave in your other visions. The same child was sitting, looking happy at the fact that you finally arrived with the rest of his friends whom consisted of the original animatronics masks on their faces. What mask were you wearing if the originals were the other kids? 'Woah!' Your body vanished and transformed into a balloon along with the other kids, catching you off guard. That's when you realized that the mask you were wearing was of the Puppet.

       "AH! Oh my--!" You jolted violently, waking yourself up from your dream. You placed a hand over your chest and panted at the rude awakening you had given yourself. 'All of that was just a dream? Did Yariel seriously just throw me off a cliff and I somehow lived but it showed me another vision? Wait--!' You knew it. You knew who was the one who kept sending you these visions. It wasn't the work of one person but the work of two. 'Yariel, what a sneaky shit he is along with him.' Your face was twisted with hatred and puzzlement. You knew who the second person was and it was a very tragic conclusion indeed. You looked down upon your (slender/chubby/etc) fingers and sighed.

       It was you.

       Or that was what Shadow Bonnie want to be referred as.

       Your (iPhone/Android/etc) buzzed, signaling that you had received a text message. You weren't surprised by anything anymore, ever since you started working at that darn horror attraction you weren't the same. 'I swear if it's Yariel...' You gripped your phone tightly at the thought and checked the text;

       +1 Unknown Number

       Hey! It's me, Javier : ) Sorry if this text came outta the blue, I got your phone number from Yariel. I just wanted to inform you that your (animal) suit has been delayed since Cristian has gotten into a car accident yesterday morning. But I left you a little surprise on your security office desk (is that how you call it) and I hope you like it ; )

P.S. Not sure if you like the animatronic I sculpted for you. Security guards really hate him but I don't! After all my father was the one who designed him! I think I made it obvious who I sculpted but whatever. I gtg take care of Cris. Bye!

      'Alright? That's a bit weird, why give a gift to someone you barely even know? Whatever, I'll take what I can get.' Suddenly, your eyes widened in realization. No wonder why Javier told you that your (animal) suit was delayed. 'The attraction opens in two days! And yet I'm working overtime because my stupid Boss is forcing me to!' You would have enjoyed going to work if everything wasn't trying to kill you. You hopped out of your bed and headed straight to the bathroom with sore limbs. You stopped in front of the mirror only to glare at your reflection.

       "You." You pointed out at Shadow Bonnie in the mirror but he mimicked your moves and words as if he was indeed you. But then again Shadow Bonnie is you. "Not gonna talk to be, huh?" You reached out to him, both of your hands grazing the mirror before your fingers came into contact with his. You stood there paralyzed as Shadow Bonnie smirked at your reaction. He grabbed your pale hand tightly and you screamed out in intense pain, feeling your body shake as the pain traveled through your veins like wildfire. With your other hand, you gripped on the sink counter firmly while struggling with the other. Just as the pain stopped, Shadow Bonnie let you go which caused you to fall on the floor, trembling.

       Shadow Bonnie chuckled and dissolved in the mirror without a word. You looked down upon yourself again in horror, realizing what Shadow Bonnie did to you. He was transferring his memories onto you from your past life. Each and every single memory were in clear detail. You just learned that you weren't the one who had to be saved; it was Springtrap. Springtrap, the love of your life, was the one who needed to be saved, not you. You had been saved a long time ago when you were crushed within the spring locks. You knew the origins of yourself and Yariel's. You knew what to do, it had dawned to you all of a sudden.

       "Tonight, I'm gonna save Springtrap. Not just him, but everybody else too."


       You cautiously made your way to the Office, paranoid about the Phantoms and Yariel himself. You nervously bit your lips as you sat down on your leather chair before observing your desk, noticing something new. "Oh, was this the present?" You rolled your chair forwards to take a closer look at the new figurine on your desk. It was you and Springtrap holding hands and smiling at each other which was sculpted in a plastic material. You couldn't help but feel a certain red tint on your cheeks when you held the item. Javier somehow remembered your (h/c) locks and bright (e/c) orbs. You couldn't help but crack a smile at the cute gift before setting it aside in a dark corner.

       "(Y/N)! Thank God you're alright!" You looked up to see Springtrap in his human form once again making his way to the Office with a dangerous smile. You invited him in and realized the lust of insanity faint in his eyes. "You okay, Springy?" You frowned with concern. Springtrap kissed your cheek softly, the kiss tingling on your skin. "It's nothing. I got carried away this morning with one of the Phantoms." You raised a brow at this new information he was telling you. "Freddy was talking horrible things about you and I snapped. I killed him just like what you did to Chica."

       "I can't believe that you're still out in a murderous rampage."

       "I don't understand how you love me at all."

       "Shut up, you dork." You kissed him on the nose and he scoffed, looking away with a hidden blush. You zoned out, deep in thought until Springtrap brought you back to your senses. "Do you sense that? That dark energy?" Springtrap's ears perked up and his eyes were rolling around trying to find the source. You glanced at the time that read 11:59PM before focusing on the dark aura that Springtrap was sensing.

       "I can't sense anything--" You interrupted yourself once you actually felt something dark. 'Ah, he's here too. Then I know what I must do.'

       "Night 6, no one has ever gone this far. I'm going to protect you until my last breath, (Y/N). I'm sorry--" You interjected Springtrap. "We're not gonna die, at least I hope not. But, promise me that we'll be together no matter what." Springtrap nodded at your promise, accepting it. "Anything for you."

       You cracked a smile and closed your eyes, "Good." You squeezed Springtrap's hand.


       You heard banging on the window panel, the delicate glass cracking within every pounding. Springtrap growled and held a defensive stance.


       You're name is (Y/N) (L/N).

       You heard the glass shatter completely before opening your eyes.

       And this was your final night.
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] (16)
sorry i had writer's block, im not very fond of this chapter but whatever ;v;

As most of you know, I'm copying my FNaF stories onto this website (it's harder when I have no premium membership, those days are forever over </3). My main site for fan fictions is on my Quotev: and Wattpad under the same username.

I prefer if you follow me on Quotev as that is my original site where I upload and you can get an update sooner since I usually copy the new update onto Wattpad and dA a bit later. Now if you checked my Quotev, you'll realize that I have a Golden Freddy X Reader and now you're wondering; "Why didn't you transfer this one as well?"

Well, mainly because I'm lazy and the that was my first FNaF fanfiction and the writing is very sloppy. Quotev and Wattpad are the only sites to have Just Gold, if there are any other sites that aren't those two, it's been stolen.

Something I also wanna mention about my FNaF fanfics are the names I give them, they're based off songs;

Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] - Centuries by Fall Out Boy
I'm Not the One [Bonnie X Animatronic!Reader] - I'm Not the One by 3OH!3
Fairytale [Toy Freddy X Reader] - Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
Round & Round [Male!Mangle X Youtuber!Reader] - Round & Round by Selena Gomez 

(will be updated when i make more fnaf x reader)

Also, you can request down below which animatronic you want me to write about next;

Stories that you can request about:
-Toy Bonnie
-The shadow animatronics
-Male!Mangle (already done ^)
-Withered animatronics (excluding the chican)
-Phantom Animatronics (excluding Marionette, Chican, and BB)

Stories that I'm still unsure of
-Foxy (there's too many Foxy X Readers, mines is gonna be any different)
-Marionette (like idk, I honestly don't know)

Stories I will never do:
-Male!Toy Chican or Chican
-BB (n00000)
-security guards (first of all they're silent and how tf can I get a personality of that smh)
-purple guy/phone guy (wr0ng, I don't find a child murderer hot)


I'll still be posting art but I'll post more once I get a drawing tablet in August, since drawing on the computer is a pain especially if it's a Windows XP (yes I'm very ancient). Hopefully I can open up point commissions and be more successful and catch up on my FNaF and Warrior Cats drawings. But for now, you have to deal with my fanfictions.


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