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      Your chances were rather dull and slim in this situation. You hated it; being weak and trapped like a herd of sheep. "I don't need help," You wanted to look away from his engrossing pupils but he locked his hand around your jaw to prevent any movement. "If you're going to kill me, why are you holding back?" You snapped at Springtrap who nearly flinched--not from your recoiling statement but from a distant flashback.

       "It's a long story, do accept the offer of being alive right now. He-I find you rather interesting..." Springtrap heaved himself up and held out his hand, waiting for you to take it. Your rich, (e/c) orbs reflected confusion and concern. He wasn't acting like the insane, sneaky, and kinda perverted Springtrap you first met at the window. Not to mention his stuttering of his words, was he bipolar or something? Reluctantly, you grasped onto his hand as he pulled you up with extreme force. You yelped as your face collided against his chest, accidentally burying inside. Your eyes widened and your face flushed a crimson red as you retracted from him, staring at him with an embarrassed look. Springtrap smirked, like his old self, at your reaction and chuckled. "If you wanted to embrace me, you could have just said so.~" You crossed your arms and gazed at the floor in which caught your interest instead.

       "It was on accident, you pulled me up really hard." You excused but he only laughed more.

       "That's what they all say.~" Springtrap suddenly stopped laughing and the entire atmosphere grew into tension. You felt his eyes boring into your slouched form, making you confused on why he wasn't talking. You looked up and met him straight in the eyes.

       "Why are you staring?" You told him, feeling slightly offended as there might be something off about you. Springtrap snapped out of his daze and blinked rapidly.

       "Nothing. I just haven't talked with a human for so long, let alone show them my human form." You raised a brow at his confession but he pressed on, "I never said that I wasn't going to kill you, I just wanted for you so meet the phantoms.~" His insane side kicked in, making you back up a bit. 'Old Springtrap finally pays a visit.' You can literally see the insanity in his eyes. What was with him and jumping into random personalities? Before you could react, he grasped onto your arm and grinned. His nails dug into your flesh and drew out blood, but not enough for it to drip. You hissed and flinched as a reaction which only satisfied him.

       "S-Stop, that hurts!" You freaked out, the feeling of being scared was returning to you. Maybe it was an act that he was being so nice to you? You didn't like it, the sense of being betrayed and gullible.

       "Oh, (Y/N). My dear, you have not experienced the definition of 'pain' that I went through," Springtrap realized your curious gaze upon him and decided to tug on your arm. "Let's go on a tour, maybe talk for a bit until 6AM.~" His cheery tone returned. Springtrap guided you out of the office, but instead of holding your arm, he was holding your hand in a almost gentle way. Your face flushed red yet again at the contact but you didn't want to say anything to anger him. You realized that every breath he took, a huff of air came out. Like, very noticeable cloud of air.

       "Are you actually breathing or-" You started but he interjected.

       "No, the gears inside me tend to whir a lot so it looks like I'm breathing," Okay, now you couldn't tell if he was for real or being sarcastic with you. "I never realized a human can feel so warm, it's better than the suit I've got." He stated, referring to his animatronic form. You blushed a little as he inspected your hand. Now that he mention it, he did feel kinda frigid.

       "Are you lonely here? You have no one to talk to?" His gaze broke from your hand and locked onto your (e/c) eyes.

       "I only have one friend and that is myself, everybody else hates me, even the phantoms." His bunny ears twitched, making you feel pity for him. 'I can't pity him, he's just a robot and a murderer.' You tried to convince yourself but you couldn't.

       "Y'know, I expected for you to look more like the main mascot, Freddy Fazbear. You could have been a golden version of him or something, just a bit tarnished." You didn't want to offend him either but Springtrap retracted and placed a hand over his heart.

       "Why I do feel quite insulted by your choice of words, (Y/N). I am fully aware of my animatronic appearance but I do say I look quite handsome in my human form.~" You couldn't help but smile at his humor, but then again he could acting. He suddenly grasped onto your hair, bringing you closer to his face. "Although, I'm still a dangerous enemy, kitten. I'm not acting nice just because I like you. In fact, you should be terrified when you come back tonight. I promise that this time, I'm not going easy on you." He scowled, showing his decaying teeth that was stained with blood. You gulped nervously at his threat, obviously not wanting your neck to get snapped in half. Springtrap let go of you and wandered down the halls that you recognized was CAM 8, you didn't realize you were even walking here. Before the man could go any further, he stopped himself and turned his head around with a cold stare. "By the way, a golden version of Freddy does exist." He finished before proceeding.

       'God damn, Springtrap himself in the most complexing puzzle of Freddy Fazbear's. Obviously, he's bipolar but something is making him like that.' The alarm went off, signaling the end of your shift in which you just realized that you had been working. Springtrap answered some questions for you, but it only brought up even more questions. Why was he lonely? How many phantoms are there? Are they friendly? Why is Springtrap so bipolar? No, what is causing him to be bipolar? He just looks so...possessed. 'I don't think he's going to be friendly tonight, that for sure.' You crouched down to meet the Chica head whom's headlight kept flickering. 'At least you won't come after me, right Chica?' You tried to amuse yourself after Springtrap's threat but it failed.

       "Devour my hot bird ass, Freddy." You blinked before standing up again at the head's response. You did not expect that at all. You shrugged it off and gave the prop a weird look before finally leaving the haunted horror attraction that brought certainly something new in your life.  

Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] (6)
Art by lulu-999 on tumblr

Sorry if this chapter is off somehow on Springtrap's personality. Well he's bipolarish for obvious reasons but I will refrain from jumping his personality around too much in other chapters. My brain is kinda shut off and the only thing it could say is "who cares" so I'm sorry for that ;v;
       "Hey, man- okay, I have some awesome news for you! First of all, we found some vintage audio training cassettes! Dude, these are, like, prehistoric! I think they were, like, training tapes for like, other employees or something like that. So, I thought we could, like, have them playing, like, over the speakers as people walk through the attraction. Dude, that makes this feel legit, man. But I have an even better surprise for you, and you're not gonna believe this- we found one. A REAL one. Uh-oh-uh gotta go man- uh, well-well look, i-it's in there somewhere, I'm-I'm sure you'll see it. Okay, I'll leave you with some of this great audio that I found! Talk to you later, man!"

       'Oh, please do entertain me before my death with some other person that I don't even know existed.'  Despite your sarcasm, you wanted to know the meaning behind the call. A real one? Did they manage to find the animatronic? Why did this so radical phone dude had to leave all of a sudden? Honestly, you don't think that you'll be getting any answers soon, might as well stick with what you've got. 'Okay, but where is Springtrap at?' You panicked, flicking through every hall cam until you reached the vent cams, eventually finding him in CAM 15. "Haha, not today Joker." You felt triumphant after sealing the vent on him. Maybe it was your ears but you were pretty sure you heard strings of curses and yells echoing inside the dusty vents. How lovely, just maybe you can pass him this night.

           "Uh, hello! Hello, hello! Uh, welcome to your new career as a performer/entertainer for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Uh, these tapes will provide you with much needed information on how to handle/climb into/ climb out of mascot costumes. Right now, we have two specially designed suits that double as both animatronics and suits. So please pay close attention while learning how to operate these suits as accidents/injuries/death/irreparable and grotesque maiming can occur. First and most discussed is how to operate the mascots while in animatronic form. For ease of operation, the animatronics are set to turn and walk towards sounds they hear which is an easy and hands-free approach to making sure the animatronics stay where the children are for maximum entertainment/crowd-pleasing value. To change the animatroincs to suit mode, insert and turn firmly the hand crank provided by the manufacturer. Turning the crank will recoil and compress the animatronic parts around the sides of the suit, providing room to climb in. Please make sure the spring locks are fastened tight to ensure the animatronic devices remain safe. We will cover this in more detail in tomorrow's session. Remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."

       "Don't worry, I'll smile big alright but Springtrap beat me to it." You decided that after the advice; to play the audio to the rooms adjacent of Springtrap. At least you knew a bit more of your fellow companion; an animatronic and suit. 'How old is he even, I don't understand.' Your mind drifted off as you stalked Springtrap on CAM 5. "Stay right there and don't move for centuries, please." You requested but the moment you did however, the cameras blacked out as a red text flashed 'Video error'. "Motherf*cker," You hissed out while rebooting the camera systems. 'Hurry, he can kill me any second now!' You squeaked and shook your maintenance panel in panic of being caught. When it finally rebooted, you went back to check on him but something was off. Instead of seeing Springtrap--a boy took his place, staring intently at the camera. You were frozen in fear and confusion at the burnt humanoid. A force pulled down your monitor and there stood the burnt boy. His smoked fingers held a tight grip on your tablet as he stared at you with a never ending smile. Instead of rosy cheeks, the color resembled barf and rotten chicken. The boy was dressed in what could have been a nice blue and red striped shirt and propeller cap but it didn't show off under all of the ash. But what struck you most was his eyes. They stared at you with hunger, just like Springtrap's. Before you had the chance to react, the terrifying boy lunged at you and screamed with all his might. "S-Stop! Oh my God!" You tried to swat him off of you as his teeth dug into your flesh, making you caterwaul at the intense pain. That was when the red lights blared in your office; an idea popped to mind. 'Ventilation!' Your free hand grasped onto the maintenance panel but the boy tugged on your leg, making you fall and accidentally tap on 'Reboot All'.

    "Who are you! You're not the usual guard that comes around!" The boy howled over the blaring sirens that was attracting Springtrap over. You twisted and turned from your bent position on the floor, glaring at the child.

    "Maybe if you tell me who you are, I'll gladly tell you who I am before I die a horrible death!" You shrieked madly at the boy who only giggled at your humor.

    "I'm Balloon Boy, it's all in your mind.~" He placed his burnt finger over his smile, trying not to laugh but obviously failed. You raised a brow at the kid but glanced between him and the door as if Springtrap had arrived to kill you.

    "I'm (Y/N), now if you ever so kindly leave, that'll be great." You huffed as you tried to push yourself up but a force was keeping you from doing so, was it the kid doing this to you? If so, you automatically hate him.

    "(Y/N) is a pretty name. I'll meet you soon then, you've got 3 more hours, let's see how long you last!~" The phantom waved at you before vanishing in thin air, making you mouth agape. 'Just how many supernatural things occurred in Fazbear's! I don't think I can keep up with it!' The sirens stopped blaring the attracting alarm, making you pant in relief. Your head hung low in exhaustion, eyelids dropping. You didn't realize a shadow loom over your figure until your mind decided to focus again. Your eyes widened in realization, your heart was pumping faster and beads of sweat rolled down your pale face. You heard the figure crouch down to meet your level and huff at the fact that you weren't looking at him. He inspected your expression and laughed; an actual laugh that you do when you find something funny. You tensed up and shook in fear, deciding to block your vision away from the animatronic, knowing that he turned human just a mere seconds ago.

     "Do you need help, princess.~" He teased you but you squealed and buried your back against the wall. Nothing happened for a few seconds but a hand grasped onto your face, bringing your forehead against Springtrap's. Your (e/c) orbs shrunk as you stared in fear at the white pupils that haunted you. You felt his warm breath against your moist skin at the closeness, his grin widened even more at your reaction.

"Do you?~"

       You nervously shuffled and buried your back against the leather chair. You didn't really admire the look Yariel was giving you. Let's just say that you never want to set foot in this place again, the mysteries can be solved without having to put yourself in a chair that literally spelled out 'DEATH'.

       "You what?!" Your boss exclaimed in anger at your previous request. You gulped, not wanting your neck to be snapped in half.

        "I want to quit, sir. I don't want to sign up for a job that has a possible chance of death each night I come to work." In all honesty, you actually wanted to stay. Springtrap reeled in your curiosity and you really want to know more about him and this place. What interested you was the supernatural way that he can turn into a human. You would ask Springtrap about it tonight but after the warning about there being more serious threats and dangers, you knew better than to stay. You valued your life, thank you very much. The aggressive tapping sound of Yariel's fingers against his own desk hurried each second. His face scrunched up in deep consideration at your request to quit after one day at work. Finally, after all the pondering set aside--his response was a simple:

                                       "You can't,"

        "What?! But sir that isn't fair-" You started your rant but he interjected.

       "You can't quit. If you quit or slip out any detail of what happened to you to anybody else then I can just reveal to the world about your address, age, even photos from your own phone. I can easily reveal it all to social medias, you aren't safe, (Y/N)--day and night." Terror filled your (e/c) orbs at his threatening. Was he blackmailing you? Before you could respond, however, he added, "Make sure you come to work, tonight. You know what happens when you don't. Go back home, (Y/N), you need to rest." Yariel heaved himself off of his chair and pointed to the exit with a fierce look plastered on his tan face. "Leave."

       You yelped in surprise and obeyed his command, not wanted to be scolded at anymore. To you, it was the worst day of your life. You could have died last night and now your very own boss threatens you to go back each night, risking death for the sake of not wanting your private information be leaked onto social medias. 'Asshole, I should have never taken this job in the first place just because of some stupid rumors.' You did eventually reached back home, away from the horror attraction that brought horror to your life.

        The familiar (f/c) walls of your own home soothed you. At least now you know that you're safe in a place that you're familiar with. 'Home is where the heart is,' You reminded yourself before flopping yourself onto your own bed. 'Why did I just use a dumb quote from the Internet, ugh.' You lazily rolled your eyes and acquired your cellphone and started scrolling through social medias. Your heart raced at the memory of Yariel's chance of leaking the personal information. You should have read the papers you were signing first, it just made you a complete idiot. You groaned from your soreness, deciding to take a shower now. 'Wait, I wonder if Springtrap has been discovered yet. Didn't they say something about peeking in the boarded room?' You typed in 'Springtrap Fazbear's Fright: Horror Attraction' but in the image results--it exposed pictures of actual spring traps. 'His final form,' You joked before laying your phone aside. You couldn't stop thinking about Springtrap--maybe because he was a completely new and foreign thing/person that came upon your life? You shook your head. 'I shouldn't worry, I have to rest.' You gazed aimlessly as the clocked ticked on.


       You didn't like to process the gloomy atmosphere that the horror attraction released at night. Shakily, you opened the doors to the attraction to commence at your shift. The moment you stepped foot inside on the checkered-tile floors, your (s/c) skin went pale at the thought of dying. In the 2020's, you were so used to being safe and protected in your own home and town that it was impossible to encounter death in any situation. This risk was more than just a silly car accident or even jumping off a high-story building. No, it was the risk of dying in a haunted pizzeria with tales and rumors of possessed animatronics and children being killed and having their frontal lobe bit off. Nobody wanted to be stuck in a horror movie filled with cheesy props and animatronics, but you took the role, you are the main star of this movie.

       You were so focused that you stood there paralyzed at the flickering of lights and the dreaded hallways that shrouded in darkness ahead--as if the corridors never had an end. Warm breaths escaped your mouth as you embarked down the same hallways that Springtrap wandered about. You remembered the Chica head, the Foxy lamp, the Bonnie prop and finally--the Freddy decoration. You nimbly passed by it, pressing your body against the walls, afraid that even the lifeless of props would jump out at you. You never even realized that this job made you so paranoid. Next thing you know, you could be in the brink of insanity. 'Watch me, I can just burn this place to the ground if I could.' You recalled to the previous phone call before getting comfortable with your office chair--not too comfortable. You were literally shaking to the point were you had to place your maintenance panel on your desk and hug yourself in fear. If Springtrap was here, he would be laughing at how terrified you were. Maybe Springtrap is stalking you after all, he's good at hide-n-seek and he could be laughing in the shadows, maybe in the vents.

       "Let this be an easy night, please." You muttered yet the knot in your stomach only tightened further. After all, you were only back because you were being blackmailed.  Before you could pick up the phone, laughter echoed through the vents. 'Springtrap's coming and I don't think he'll go easy on me,' The laughter died down to an insane giggle, followed by series of creaks and bumps. Your grip held tightly on the phone, awaiting to hear this guy's voice before your upcoming death. 'At least not this time.'
      Your (slender/chubby) fingers tapped on the panel, rapidly without bothering to look. You only hoped that one of your fingers hit the Ventilation system reboot. The satisfying beeping of the reboot made you so relieved, making the flashing red sirens turn off. The stiffness in your jaw went numb and you could finally catch a breath. 'Thank God, I'm not dead.' You thought as your fingers held the maintenance panel, your thumbs hovering over the systems. 'What was that?!' You recalled that the equipment was barely functional, but it wouldn't just offline by itself. 'Is something stuck in the vents or something?' You tried to cool down from the panic attack you had but you couldn't help but worry that thing could be chasing you. Anxious, you flickered through all the cameras, expecting to see some weird, deformed monster. You nervously laughed at yourself at that thought. "Monsters? No such thing, (Y/N). I really need to stop watching horror movies." You told yourself as you fanned yourself with your own hand since the old fan wasn't helping much.

       Your heart stopped and your (e/c) orbs widened when you flicked to CAM 10, did your very own eyes deceive you? At the very corner of the camera, the familiar white pupil engrossed your eyes. This animatronic had a permanent smile on his suit, showing its decaying teeth and molded body parts that looked like they were about to fall off in any second. This mascot was very similar looking to Bonnie, a character you found online. 'Was that thing in the boarded room the entire time?!' You couldn't even understand your own thought, your lips were quivering and your eyelashes were wet from crying. You were...


No, that's an understatement.


No, you were startled and flabbergasted.

      The cameras blacked out while you were staring at the screen in shock. A surprised gasp emitted from your mouth as you tried to search for the terrifying creature. 'This must be just a mistake? Are they pranking me? What kind of troll is this?' When that thought crossed your mind, your face scrunched up in boiling anger, a scowl rumbled in your throat. 'Yariel,' The owner could have been wearing that horrifying suit, but now wasn't the time to make any conclusions. You shook your head, trying to rub off your anger at the flicking of the cameras. You have an animatronic to find.

       "Looking for me, kitty.~" A new voice interjected with your focus, making you once again feel panic. You arched your neck up to meet--not the animatronic, but a human. The male's hair was rather messy and bunny ears sprouted from the tangled mess. He wore the same smile and the same, glowing pupils as the animatronic. Wires, chains, stitches, all could be seen attached to him and his poorly cared clothes, exposing bits of his skin here and there. His eyes held an amused look as he raised a brow on your surprised form.

      "W-Who are you?" Your question sounded nothing more than a whisper. You weren't sure if this was a prank anymore. This guy was literally trying to cosplay as the animatronic, is he a worker here that got trapped or something?

       The man chuckled at your greeting. "My name is Springtrap, I assume you're (Y/N), right? You look like such a cutie.~" His grin widened even more, his eyes boring into your own rich, (e/c) orbs. Your face flushed red in embarrassment at the compliment.

      "Why are you trying to cosplay as the animatronic? How do you know my name?" You rolled away from the window, just to be cautious.

      "Oh, sweetie. I am the animatronic. I was just looking through the files and found your profile rather interesting, (Y/N). After I was done reading through them, I realized that you weren't trying to look for me so I had to do something to get your attention.~" His hands were planted against the window, staring at you in interest. You rolled your chair back unconsciously as he did so.

       "Well, that's such a nice way to get my attention, Springtrap," You slightly growled at his expression that was filled with happiness. "How long have you been here?" You were referring to the boarded room, there was no other he could have been here.

       "I have been here for centuries, kitty.~" An insane look was plastered on his face. "Even from the day you were born, I was still here. It's been such a long time since I've encountered a human, and a cute one.~" You badly wanted to wipe off the perverted smirk that was crossing his face. Before you know it, the 6AM bell went off, signaling the end of your shift. You sighed in relief, expecting Springtrap to go away but he still stood there. "Remember, (Y/N). They might have said to you that there was only one, but there's a lot more dangers here than just me. I really hope I can see you again, my little kitty.~" He giggled insanely before embarking down the halls, letting the darkness consume him. This job was a mistake.

One big mistake.

  You scrolled through the Fazbear Horror Attraction ads, noticing something that the guy by the counter hadn't told you about. The night shift starts at 12-6AM and by the stories you were seeing online, it wasn't really the best time. 'But didn't the Bite Of '87 happen during a birthday? What even goes on at night?'  You did manage to come across several rumors about children being stuffed into the animatronic suits, therefore leading the shutdown for the pizzeria that was built in the 1990's. According to the medias, some guy lured 5 children to the back and killed them, stuffing them into suits which leads to the cause of the foul odor from the animatronics. 'The 1900's sure was a weird place,' You kept scrolling through the images, looking how the animatronics looked like reanimated carcasses. Blood and mucus stained around the eye sockets and mouth which frightened you to no end. You glanced at the time on your phone, finding out it was already 10:34PM. You were starting to reconsider about your new job, but you couldn't just believe anything the Internet says, right?


  "My name is (Y/N) (L/N), I'm 19 years old and living on my own." You greeted the owner of the horror attraction, whom you found out was a guy named Yariel. He preferred to be called by his first name and act all cool.

  "Ah, (Y/N). Is there any particular reason why you're interested in this job?" The man adjusted his black rimmed glasses, the lenses shone in the darkness that was ready to shroud around the attraction. Turns out you weren't officially accepted until you sign a contract and everything, you never despised a person by the counter ever so much in your life.

  "I just came here to see if it was interesting, y'know? The money wasn't the one reeling me in, I don't even know how much I get by the end of the week." You shrugged, not wanting to reveal the entire truth.

  "Alright then, you have to sign this contract and you have to put in your personal information, y'know, just in case something went wrong." Your left eye twitch at the statement. What did he mean if something went wrong? You shrugged his suspicions off of you and proceeded to fill in the form, blindly. You didn't care what the papers said, you just wanted to start your job already. "Perfect, thank you, (Y/N). Your shift starts in a few minutes, remember, don't worry about the boarded room!" Yariel waved before leaving the pizzeria and locking it, leaving you alone.

  "Don't worry, I won't!" You yelled loud enough so he was able to hear you. 'I'm going to worry about that boarded room.' You concluded before heaving yourself off the leather chair that they could somehow afford. Luckily enough, Yariel was nice enough to show you around the attraction before you could get to work. 'Remember, if anything goes horribly wrong, just quit.' You tried to calm your racing heart but it only reduced the pounding a little. Beads of sweat rolled down your forehead as you trudged past by the boarded room. Honestly, you never felt so nervous in your life. Maybe you should stop watching horror movies and reading rumors online, it was fake after all. You couldn't help but get a whiff of something rotten from that dreaded room. 'No, no thank you. Not going to die today.' Your pace quickened, eventually settling in the office. You weren't going to lie but, the crappy props that was made to scare people did scare you--at least as of right now. The ringing of the phone almost made you jump out of your seat.

      "Hey-Hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time. We found some-some great new relics over the weekend. And we're out tracking down a new lead, right now. So-uh lemme just update real quick, then you can get to work. Like, the attraction opens in like, a week, so we had to make sure everything works, and nothing catches on fire! Uh-when the place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building, and work their way towards you, then past you and out the exit. Uh-yeah. You've officially become a part of the attraction. Uh-You'll be starring as... The security guard! So not only will you be monitoring the people on the cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show. It'll make it feel really authentic I think. Uh... Now let me tell you about what's new. We found another set of drawings, always nice, and a Foxy head! Which we think to be authentic... then again it might just be another crappy cosplay, and we found a desk fan, very old school - metal, though, so watch the fingers. Uh-heh... Uh... Right now the place is basically just, you know, flashing lights, spooky props. Uh, I honestly thought we would have more by now, uh, we don't have something really cool by next week, we may have to suit you up in a furry suit, and make you walk around saying, "Boo"... *hehe*, uh... But, you know, like I said, we're trying to track down a good lead right now. Uh, some guy who helped design one of the buildings says there was, like, an extra room that got boarded up or- uh, something like that. So, we're gonna take a peek and see what we can find. Uh, for now just get comfortable with the new setup, um... You can check the security cameras over to your right with a click of that blue button. Uh, you can toggle between the hall cams and the vent cams... Uh, then over to your far left, uh, you can flip up your maintenance panel. Y'know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline. Heh. So, in trying to make the place feel vintage we may have overdone it a bit, hehe... Some of this equipment is barely functional. Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fire. Tha-tha-that's a real risk. Uh, the most important thing you want to watch for is the ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks, man, and if you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some crazy stuff, man. Keep that air flowin'. Okay, keep an eye on things, and we'll try to have something new for ya tomorrow night."

  You gulped at the information given to you. Your face went pale and your limbs were trembling as you held the tablet. 'Fire? Barely functional? Seeing things when systems go offline?' Did you even dare to look at the cameras? You took a quick glance and and flicked to a random camera to see a human looking eye staring at you with mixed emotions. Your lips quivered as a text appeared saying 'Ventilation error' and the cameras blacked out. Sirens blared inside your office, the flashing of red lights never annoyed you this much. You panted and wheezed as your throat contracted, the stiffness going to your jaw. Tears pricked your vision, trying to look for the maintenance panel, hoping to reboot the ventilation.

                              "I need to get out of here!"

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6. What's your lucky number?
7. Do you have any pets?
8. Where are you from?

9. How tall are you?
5'6 a bitch
10. What shoe size are you?
dont kno dont care
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
like 3
12. What was your last dream about?
super smash bros
13. What talents do you have?
i have a talent of being a dick
14. Are you psychic in any way?
15. Favorite song?
right now its A LOT
16. Favorite movie?
17. Who would be your ideal partner?
18. Do you want children? 
i hate children
19. Do you want a church wedding?
20. Are you religious?
do i look like i believe in thy jesus christ yo
21. Have you ever been to the hospital?
my dad works in one so yeah
22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?
23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
i met famous peoplpe but no celebreties
24. Baths or showers?
25. What color socks are you wearing?
not wearin any
26. Have you ever been famous?
im famous for being a person
27. Would you like to be a big celebrity?
but there will be no privacy
28. What type of music do you like?
anything that fits my mood
29. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
31. What position do you usually sleep in?
inhumane positions
32. How big is your house?
apartment big
33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
milk, gotta be strong for the skeleton war
34. Have you ever fired a gun?
in video games
35. Have you ever tried archery?
didn want to
36. Favorite clean word?
37. Favorite swear word?
38. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?
i always sleep all day every day
39. Do you have any scars?
40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
41. Are you a good liar?
42. Are you a good judge of character?
43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?
british and australian and cuban
44. Do you have a strong accent?
45. What is your favorite accent?
46. What is your personality type?
47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
things that my mom buys but i never wear
48. Can you curl your tongue?
kind a
49. Are you an innie or an outie?
there can be only in
50. Left or right handed?
right is right
51. Are you scared of spiders?
but daddy long legs
52. Favorite food?
anything that satisfies my hunger
53. Favorite foreign food?
same as above
54. Are you a clean or messy person?
55. Most used phrase?
"fight me irl fuckboy"
56. Most used word?
57. How long does it take for you to get ready?
58. Do you have much of an ego?
59. Do you suck or bite lollipops?
suck for days
60. Do you talk to yourself?
61. Do you sing to yourself?
my body dont need no lullaby
62. Are you a good singer?
63. Biggest Fear?
spooky things
64. Are you a gossip?
do i look like floating words
65. Best dramatic movie you've seen?
66. Do you like long or short hair?
67. Can you name all 50 states of America?
68. Favorite school subject?
69. Extrovert or Introvert?
70. Have you ever been scuba diving?
71. What makes you nervous?
inner thinking
72. Are you scared of the dark?
73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
74. Are you ticklish?
lol no
75. Have you ever started a rumor?
76. Have you ever been in a position of authority?
77. Have you ever drank underage?
78. Have you ever done drugs?
79. Who was your first real crush?
i dont wanna say
80. How many piercings do you have?
81. Can you roll your Rs?"
82. How fast can you type?
reel fast
83. How fast can you run?
84. What color is your hair?
85. What color is your eyes?
dark ass brown
86. What are you allergic to?
yo mama
87. Do you keep a journal?
88. What do your parents do?
89. Do you like your age?
tf you want me to do
90. What makes you angry?
when people dont obey
91. Do you like your own name?
92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?
aaron, gabriella, mark, sylvia
93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child?
a dragon
94. What are you strengths?
not sure
95. What are your weaknesses?
i cant even
96. How did you get your name?
my mom was walking in the park and this mom said to her kid "go melanie go" and my mom is like "she da one"
97. Were your ancestors royalty?
dont kno
98. Do you have any scars?
this is repeated
99. Color of your bedspread?
100. Color of your room?


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