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       NOTE: Sorry that this chapter starts off really dull and boring, I'm just following the game. Also, this book like the other will be based on decisions only once, for ex. run or hide. The one with the most votes wins and leads the story. If you for ex. chose hiding, I will explain the hiding part of the story but not the running because my decisions alter the story, branching it out to the fact where if I explained 'running', I would have to make a different book. Instead, for the decisions that don't make it and you really want to know what happens if you 'ran' instead, I will put the unchosen decisions at the end of this book and explain how it would have altered the story.

      Sarcastic        Charitable        Passive

Ashley: 5/10
Chris: 6/10
Emily: 2/10
Jess: 3/10
Josh: 9/10
Mike: 4/10
Sam: 7/10

       "Well hello friends and fans... alright let's do that again... Alright. Well hello friends and fans! It's beyond awesome to have you guys all back this year. Um, first off, I gotta say I am super excited to welcome all my pals back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway! So, um... let me just let you know, let's take a moment to address the "elephant in the room" for a second... I know you're all probably worried about me... and I know it's gonna be tough on all of us going back after what happened last year... but - I just want you all to know... it means... It means so much to me that we're doing this. And I...I know it would mean so much to Hannah and Beth that we're all still here together thinking of them. I really want to spend some quality time with each and everyone of you and share some moments that we'll never forget for the sake of my sisters, you know? Okay... so! Let's party like we're fucking porn stars, okay? And make this one a trip we will never forget... alright? Yes!"

       You huffed out a foggy breath, staining the glass with the moisture. You gripped your (f/c) scarf with one hand and started to engrave a (fave animal) using the limited space your breath managed to stain. You couldn't help but squint your eyes, replaying Josh's recording over and over in your head.

       You have been there for Josh when his sisters went missing. You couldn't partake that one trip to the cabin with Jess and the others because college was starting to give you a headache. You felt neutral against the fact that you didn't go; not going to when the prank happened. You weren't sure if your presence would make such a difference though, undoubtedly.

       Sam had tried her best to comfort Josh, but for some reason you were more effective even though you didn't comfort him as much until now. Currently, you're sitting in the bus alone, freezing from the winter cold that Canada tends to offer often. You wanted Sam to accompany you but you couldn't help but think that she didn't dare to come back because she felt a twinge of jealousy about how much time you spent with Josh. Or maybe Sam refused to come back to the one place where Hannah -- her best friend -- went missing. You wouldn't blame her for either case.

       "We're here." Echoed the rough and scratchy voice of the bus driver -- a fat man with a mustache that covered his lips. His face already molded to show signs of his age.

       "Thank you, sir," you thanked and dismissed once you hopped off the creaky bus with your gigantic leather satchel. The satchel was big enough to carry supplies that lasted a week. It consists of (f/c) material with beautifully designed (fave shape) across the edges imitating it with a (second fave color). Your creamy/black boots dug themselves in the crunchy snow.

       You stood in front of a wooden sign that read, "Blackwood Pines". You paid no heed to the dully engraved words and proceeded to enter, opening the wooden fence. Fluffy squirrels pelted past the landscape and you couldn't help but crack a smile at their eyes full of energy.

       "Just how I remembered..." you paved your way through the dimly lit forest and found yourself in front of a mammoth black fence, finding a piece of paper attached. You took it, slightly surprised at the fact that it hadn't been blown away after quite some time.

      "The gate's busted,
climb over!" -Chris

       "Aw, what? Damn it. I hate climbing. Why are the gates busted anyways? They never were jammed before..." you scowled, deciding to climb and jump your way up over the ledge. After successfully climbing, you arrived at a eroded poster board which looked odd.

DEATH: Black butterflies prophesied the dreamer's death
DANGER: Red butterflies warned of dangerous events
LOSS: Brown butterflies foretold a tragedy affecting friends
GUIDANCE: Yellow butterflies offered visions to help and guide
FORTUNE: White butterflies brought dreams of luck and good fortune

       "How come I have never seen this before?" you spotted a totem lying on the ground. Picking it gently, you carefully spun the ancient artifact over to encounter a vision, making your head throb.

       Someone's fingers -- presumably a female's -- flicking a triangular pin off a board on purpose, making the surroundings stop shaking.


       You could only blink in confusion, settling down the totem before deciding to dismiss it as nothing. You went ahead to the cable car station in hopes of finding somebody. You managed to find a backpack that belonged to Chris.

       "Chris? Are you here? You're not in the bag are you?" you called out.

       "Is she gonna be here? Oh god, I hope so. It can be my opportunity... oh how....." Chris stepped outside, fumbling the car keys and mumbling to himself.

       "Chris?" you snapped him out of his mind. Chris sighed and retrieved his bag, glancing at you. "(Y/N), it's nothing... Oh! So, I found something kinda amazing!"


       "I'm not telling you, you have to see it for yourself! It's this way!" Chris gestured you. "It's gonna blow your mind!"

       The blond started to lead you to what appeared to be a shooting range. "Ta dah! Pretty rad, right?"


       "C'mon! Look at these beauties!"

       "Why is this even here? Josh never even showed me this."

       "Have you ever met Josh's dad?"

       "Yeah, oh nevermind, I think I know now."

               Chris gripped on the rifle, smiling like an idiot. "Wanna try?" he offered. You only shook your head in denial.

       Amazingly, Chris shot at diverse bags and cans with perfect accuracy. "Wow, not bad!" you complimented him, which made him stick his tongue out.

       "Yeah, I'm bad," he started dancing, "I'm a badass!" Chris pointed his rifle once more and shot, instead this time you heard a shriek from the target. It only took you a second to realize that Chris had just shot a squirrel.

       "Chris!" you spat out, changing into a sour mood. "Out of all the targets you can shoot, you shot a fucking squirrel?!"

       "I'm s-sorry! I thought it was another bottle of wine--!" Suddenly, a crow emerged and decided to scratch your forehead with its talons. You yelped and swatted the crow away, pissed off.

       "Whatever, our ride is here."

       Chris: 4/10

       "But, I'm just getting the hang of this!" Chris whined.

       "By shooting a squirrel?" you countered. Your friend sighed and settled the rifle down, mounting the cable car with you.

       It was just pregnant silence until halfway through the ride, Chris decided to break the ice.

       "Did I ever tell you about how Josh and I met in fourth grade?" Chris started to strike up a conversation, even after the shooting incident.

       "No, go ahead."

       "So basically, I was in the front of the class, and Josh was sitting in the back with these boys who kept on picking this girl who was sitting in front of Josh because her training bra was showing."


       "So, I was moved to the back and this one kid got moved to the front, that's how Josh and I met! I mean who knows? You could be riding this cable car alone. Right now. Or talking to another person entirely. Boom. Butterfly effect."


       After encountering Jessica, whom was impatiently waiting for Mike; you and Chris trailed down to the cabin only to find Ashley and Josh residing on the stairs.

       "Hey, Ashley! N-nice weather out here, huh?" Chris started to converse, which made you smile at his determination.

       "Chris, I'm freezing my ass off because of this weather." Ashley pointed out, making Chris all flustered and scratching the back of his head. "Oh, right..."

       Meanwhile, Josh was fixing his beanie and approached you, his arms wide open. You noticed Josh and squealed, hugging him while he embraced you with warm arms. "Josh! How's it going!" you broke the hug and gazed at him with a huge grin in which Josh also returned.

       "It's nice to finally see you back, (Y/N). College must have had you going insane to not come back here before."

       "Well, at least I'm here now Josh, that's what friends are for!"

       For some reason, a glint of disappointment flashed through his green orbs for a second before returning to normal.

       "Wanna come with me to find a way in? I left my keys inside by accident." Josh requested and you nodded without a second thought.

       "Then can you lovebirds hurry up! I'm seriously going to freeze to death!" Ashley dubbed over your conversation before shifting her attention back to Chris. Her "lovebirds" comment didn't phase either of you at all at this point, you were used to them -- especially Ashley and Mike -- saying that.

       "Alright, follow me (Y/N)! Feels just like those times in middle school where we traveled the halls alone while everyone else were in class!"

       You giggled at the memory, not noticing Josh slightly blushing on your laugh. "Middle school was the best, high school was the opposite of what we wanted. I mean, what kind of school needs you to do virtual school just to graduate?!"

       "I know right!"

       You both laughed away, passing the case that contained an axe and stopping in front of a garbage container. "I think we can open that window, (Y/N), wanna give it a go? Ladies first." Josh bowed and lifted you up the container with ease.

       "How do you carry me so easily? I weigh like a ton..." you commented while trying to pry the window open. Josh chuckled, trying his best to stare anywhere but your butt. "C'mon, you're light as hell. Stop exaggerating."

       You groaned once you opened the window, sliding inside as Josh held it open. "Ashley's right, it's freezing," you shivered and rubbed your arms while observing the room.

       "Want me to warm you up?~ I mean it's just you and me."


       "I'm kidding, fam. Anyways, I'm going in." Before you could say anything, Josh led himself in, making the window shut behind him.

       "Great, I'm stuck with you."

       "Sounds like heaven."

       "Shut it!" you couldn't help but blush at his constant flirting and teasing. Josh pulled out a lighter and threw it to you in which you somehow caught. "What's this for?"

       "There's an open door here, there's gonna be a spray-can deodorant that you can use with the lighter to melt away the ice on the doorknob."

       "And there's no safer way to do this?"

       "Do you have any better ideas?" Josh questioned as he led you through the cabin. You crossed your arms and pouted, "No." The both of you entered a room on the top floor, quiet and vacant. You shuffled slightly, not liking the silent atmosphere. Josh gestured you over to the cabinet and pointed at the doors. You crouched, opening the door only to spot a spray-can deodorant. Your fingers grasped a hold of it as if it was delicate and you slowly brought it over to your face.

       It wasn't even a second until a growl emitted and a vicious dog tore below your arm and lunged its jaws directly into Josh's ankle. Josh started to scream in agony as the dog dug its sharp fangs deeper into his flesh. You jolted up in surprise at this red-eyed dog and stared in shock.

       "(Y/N), I CAN'T GET HIM OFF. HELP ME!" Josh cried out, shaking his leg but it only seemed to make it worse. The dog's saliva was dripping everywhere and with each second that passed, it dug its jaws even deeper. This beast is blood-thirsty that's for sure.

What should you do?

Use the flamethrower technique on the animal to scare it or take the risk to try to pry its enclosed jaws with your bare hands?
This Is The End [Josh X Reader] (1)
[Until Dawn!Josh Washington X Reader] It was completely obvious that he was far in. Way too far. So far that there was no way to save the same Josh that embraced you with open arms and a smile. His charismatic and humorous personality vanished, as if it didn't even exist. You tried though, you tried to make him happy even though the both of you knew that it's useless and a waste of time. 

But, you had to. 

You had to make Josh happy until the end.  

[© 2015 | иєιgє]
       "Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines! Ding, dang, dong."

       It was if there was an empty pit in his stomach. No matter how much he ate, he wasn't satisfied. Josh hated to go through so much effort to obtain something only for it to be not enough. It was as if his body was taking control of his brain, it possibly was. Humanity. He couldn't grasp on to his own humanity. Will it be worth it? No, in order to be human you had to abandon your humanity. If that such was the case, why couldn't he control himself when he's around you?

       "You're gonna FUCKING PAY YOU DICK!"

       Friends. Ah, he had friends. Had. He had no idea what had happened to them, he's currently trapped inside the same mines that Hannah and Beth were in. He despised it. He despised having to breathe the same silent air that Hannah and Beth once breathed. He could have avoided being stuck in such a dreadful place if he didn't invite his friends. What a horrible mistake it was for them and himself.

      "Time has run out for Josh."

       He's a monster. A monster to his friends, himself, and you. He loathed having to stare at his reflection in his victim's eyes, maybe that's why the Wendigo violently slash off human heads in order to feast on the rest. They were once human too, and having to look at what they became only made them have a more sadistic nature. Maybe, when they were human, did they suffer from depression? Did they had support?

      "You're DEAD! You're not real! I don't take orders from you!"

       Josh did. He had support, but his support was the reason he's even half-insane. He felt like he had lost his sanity for a good cause. Dr. Hill tried his best to recover him, but he left, knowing that Josh was too stubborn to ever come back. Seeing that his own psychiatrist couldn't help, he shifted his attention towards you. When he was around you, he never felt depressed. He was always his true self with you. Since Josh realized that it started to work, he started to hang around you very often.

       "You had so many people who cared about you, Joshua."

       He hung around you way too much. His friends only brushed it off and told him "You have a crush on (Y/N)!". To him, it was love at first, but then it became an obsession. He held onto you tighter and tighter. Your (h/c) locks cascading in the sunlight. Your sweet dainty smile. (E/c) orbs that glimmered with life. Your silky (s/c) skin and plush lips, it made him want to kiss those every time he saw them.

      "He's definitely off his meds."

       It became too much for Josh that he had to do something. He feared of being isolated, and he didn't want to be isolated by you. So he took a very mammoth risk to keep you forever. He took you down with him. You were half the cause for his sanity draining and he wanted you to suffer with him. Josh then transformed into a Wendigo, not only because he was hunger-driven, but because he wanted to stay alive for you. He figured that he would defend himself and you from the Wendigo if he actually became the Wendigo.

      "Okay, I trust you. I trust you."

       He resorted himself into becoming a cannibal, but the results varied. Surprisingly, human meat tasted a lot like chicken in which he found delicious and savoring. His punishment came true when he looked into the eyes of a hanged victim in the mines. Blood stained his once clear face, his mouth now gaping with tremendously large teeth in order to dig into flesh. His crystal hazel eyes became dilated like a cat's, his sight only becoming sharper. His nails broke off, being replaced by wretched coal black claws that allowed him to shred anything apart. His posture became more slanted and he found himself crouching more than standing.

      "A goddamn murder is what you are."

       You didn't judge his appearance. You knew that Josh did it to protect you. He always had you by his side, daring to tear off any of the Wendigo's limbs just to keep you safe. Josh was here with you for what seemed to feel like at least half a year. Police investigated the mines, only for them to be eaten by Josh, and he repeated the same thing to any teenager who dared to explore the curse of the Wendigo.

       "I don't know if you noticed Josh, but none of us are laughing."

       Josh hungrily tore into his victim's flesh like a pig. He technically was an animal after all. Halfway through his feast, he stopped as if remembering something. He tore out the victim's heart and offered it to you. Your silence to him was an obvious no and he only kept digging in. He licked his lips to savor the blood before shifting his gaze towards your body which was sprawled out on the ground. Your article of clothing were nagged and accidentally ripped by Josh's carelessness. He treated to your wounds just like you treated his emotional scars.

      "Why are you showing this to me?!"

       "(Y/N), I love you," he told you for the millionth time. You refused to speak, just like every other time. Josh always thought that you'd say yes to him, you were just shy. Josh embraced you, cuddling you tight. He felt victorious, as if he won a prize that last him a lifetime.

       "You're mine. No one else can have you, no one will."

       Let's go backwards, shall we?
This Is The End [Josh X Reader] Prologue
[Until Dawn!Josh Washington X Reader] It was completely obvious that he was far in. Way too far. So far that there was no way to save the same Josh that embraced you with open arms and a smile. His charismatic and humorous personality vanished, as if it didn't even exist. You tried though, you tried to make him happy even though the both of you knew that it's useless and a waste of time. 

But, you had to. 

You had to make Josh happy until the end.  

[© 2015 | иєιgє]


i might delete my chris one idk
      Stay Positive.

       December 12th, 2015

       "Hello again, diary of mines. I've decided to stop using formalities to greet my entries, it's not like someone is going to read this and plus, writing the words 'Dear diary,' to start off is utterly absurd. It's guaranteed that I'm going to start counting down until New Year's, today's the first day, only twenty more days to go till New Years'. Today's Saturday, which means that it gave me a lot of free time to reevaluate my life, not like I have any to begin with. If I told someone that I still write diaries ever since the fourth grade up till now -- they'd send me to a therapist. Technically, I had a therapist during my high school years because my mom finds it strange that I crave dark lore. She knew that I wanted to be a writer, but refuses to accept my passion to write real-world problems such as murder, etc. Happy stories tend to bore me, not that they're bad -- it just lacks story.

       Anyways, back on track, I met a guy. Why would this matter, I ask? Why do I need to mention that I met a guy near the gym, when I have plenty of friends and I don't exaggerate meeting them? That's simple. It's because this guy -- who's British -- is the most generous person I have ever met, really. I've only stayed in the UK for a week and no British person outside wanted to help out a (Nationality) (woman/man) out?

       This guy, he told me his name is Ryan, but refused to give out his last name. I wouldn't blame him, after all I did respond the same thing back. He's a dirty blond man with pure licorice black earrings, tattoos imprinted on his arms, chocolate orbs that I swore has never held so much life, and at that time, he was wearing a black sweatshirt and shorts. Honestly, a poor choice of color to workout if you ask me. Ryan helped me out and when I asked him what his job is, I couldn't help but smile; a YouTuber."  


       A week.

       Well, today's the last day of the week; Saturday.

       It's a bit peculiar living in the UK since people dub things differently, like instead of calling it an 'elevator' they call it 'the lift'. It's not that you're making fun of them, it's that their choice of words actually make more sense than any other language you have heard. After all, the UK speaks the proper English.

       You were basically sent here to the UK due to your mother enforcing you to travel saying; "Writers need to explore and learn new things! The more knowledge you have, the easier it is for you to write!"

       She was right in a way, but you're too lazy to do any research. If you had questions about anything, you would just search it up on the Internet. You disagreed with your mom until something had sparked in your mind, something nagging you as if the UK is the perfect place to complete your New Years' resolution.

       "C'mon (Y/N), what were you supposed to be doing? You need groceries right now!" you snapped out of your always daydreaming state. You assumed that it's a severe side effect for those who want to become writers. That also explains why your diary entries always go off topic and you always run out of space to write.

       You exited your rather comfy home, in which you must include; is very petite. At this point, you would take whatever you want even if the offer is rather unappealing. A supermarket was in sight down the block, along with a gym right beside it. You never really paid attention to gyms, from all the commercials, gyms must be a living hell and you have to do the worst thing -- exercise.

       "Excuse me, ma'am! Watch where you're going, bloody wanker!" A man that you accidentally bumped into retorted and scurried off to his own business. You offered the bald man a stern glare, scoffed, then returned down your path to the supermarket.

       There were various stands outside the market itself -- vegetables, cereal, you name it.

       "Oi, (ma'am/sir)! A great day here in London, isn't it?" The chef greeted when you approached his stand and you giggled. "Yes, it is... what are you selling, exactly?"

       The chef illuminated at the mention of his food and offered you a sample of a certain type of meat on a stick. You didn't hesitate to pop it in your mouth, the delicious flavor lingering in the sticky walls of your mouth. You know what this certain meat is.

       "Chicken! Only the finest you'll ever taste!"

       "I'll buy three packs please--" you happily exclaimed, taking out your money, but you couldn't help but feel paranoid. You rapidly shift your head back to see any suspicious people staring, but all of them chattered and minded their own business.

       "Hm? Is there something wrong?" The chef asked, concerned. You only shook your head, brushing it off as a daydream side effect.

       "Nothing, here's the Euro," you quickly exchanged and went to buy the rest of your necessary items. Each stand you went to meant that your paranoia was increasing. You actually found yourself confused on why you're so jumpy all of a sudden.

       "Damn, I should have gotten a cart!" you cursed under your breath while carrying the heavy bags by yourself. You blamed your paranoia that you drifted off and couldn't even think of getting a reasonable cart. You would have gotten one right now, but all of them were taken.

       You strut your way towards the gym in hopes of finding some sort of rest stop to drop your bags and think on how to handle the situation. Beside one of the pillars that supported the gym's weight; you placed down your groceries, closing your eyes to release a more satisfying sigh.

       A presence loomed over your form, alerting you greatly. Opening your eyes, you came in contact with a pale man that stared at you, observing you with his seemingly ambitious glowing eyes. His dark hair got in the way of his threatening eyes and cunning smirk.

       "Excuse me? C-can you please back away?" you commanded, feeling uncomfortable on how close the strange man is. Ruefully, the man didn't dare to react.

       "Sir, leave the lady alone. I don't want to pick a fight with you," another man entered the scene, his accent heavily British. His blond hair is kept short yet damp along with his black sweatshirt.

       The suspicious man flared his nostrils, glaring at the newcomer and decided to leave you alone. You planted your palm on your chest, hearing your own heart pumping. "Thank you so much, um..."

       "Ryan, ma'am."

       "Ryan... I'm (Y/N), thank you," you thanked Ryan once again and he huffed, grinning. You had to admit, he looked adorable, especially with his tattoos and goatee that adorned his face. His chocolate orbs glint so much life that you thought was impossible no matter how energetic you are.

       "No need to thank me, he's been wandering this block for a while staring at other girls, what a creep."

       You raised a brow amused. "Here let me help you, (Y/N)." He offered and proceeded to pick up most of your bags with ease, the only problem was that the handles of the bags were drenched with his sweat.

       "Ryan, you don't need to do this, I got it--"

       "Don't worry about it, you need the help."

       "I'm assuming you worked out in the gym, what are you aiming for in life if you don't mind me asking."

       "Nah, I just work out because the gym's the only time I can actually do exercise, why exactly are you doing in the UK? You don't seem like you're from here."

       "Oh? I'm just visiting until New Years' comes around. I want to be a writer so my mom wanted to send me to explore, and you?"

       What intrigued you was the way he grinned at you with happiness, responding: "A YouTuber."
Sober [8-Bit Ryan X Reader] Prologue
You wanted to countdown. You decided that on New Years' Day, you would stop writing in that treacherous diary of yours. That was basically your New Years' resolution. Anyone else would think that preventing yourself from writing inside a personal diary is a humiliating goal, but it wasn't. Your life has been stained and you really wanted to stop yourself from getting your life even messier.

There was only one solution.

And Ryan didn't like it.

(WARNING! May contain things like triggers maybe also RYAN IF YOU SOMEHOW FIND THIS I'M SORRY I SINNED) 

[© 2015 | иєιgє]


no srsly i shouldn't spread this because this is the first fanfic of 8bitgaming ever and I'm afraid they'll find it lmao 
       It has been one month since the Skype call. One month dealing with Isaac's weird behavior. One month of talking to Jacksepticeye, befriending him very quickly. You never would have thought that you and Jack would get along, but you did. The spam of (Y/N) X Jack has died down quickly after two weeks, but only until a few days ago did Jack just realized about the shipping and tweeted against it. Yes, he's single, but that doesn't mean you'll get together with him; you have a boyfriend after all!

       Speaking of relationships, Isaac has gotten uncanny and suspicious in the past month. It's elusive to understand why your boyfriend is acting the way he is. It's as if he has fallen under a spell of malice, bringing back more and more in his plastic bag and with each time his attitude gets worse. Isaac restricted you from letting you know what's going on -- locking the basement and his room. Something wasn't right about him, he seemed grumpier than usual. His fluffy, brown locks were messy and dull, just like his eyes. Each day, he would come back with more cuts and bruises on his fingers and palms, as if he has purposely done a careless job at his mechanic service.

       For the first time ever in your life, you were scared. You didn't want Isaac around you anymore, you didn't want him to comfort you, you didn't want him at all. Isaac became unappealing, barely talked with his voice filled with honey. He didn't dare to strike up a conversation with you, he only told you commands. Even one time, he stared directly to your face and spat out that you weren't funny, pretty, or loyal.

       You felt threatened, and this was the main reason why you ended up spending your free time with Jack, even though Isaac told you to not talk to any other guy. You didn't tell Jack about this problem. Hopefully, Isaac's cranky mood goes away as soon as possible.

       You were slouching over in your swivel chair, deeply pondering about your relationship until a ringtone notification made you jolt, nearly cracking your neck. You huffed, finding out that Markiplier and company are calling you, possibly to play together. You prepared your headset, fixing your mic's position and opened up the recording tabs on your second monitor. You clicked on the green button with a smile; a real smile.

       "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIIIIGHT!!" Felix hollered out and started to beat box until CinnamonToastKen stopped him.

       "I know you love to beat box, but that's just horrible."

       "I feel offended, you wanna fight?!"

       "Girls! Girls! You're both pretty, but violence isn't the answer!" Mark interjected the two and the both of them grunted in disbelief. Everyone, including you, started up their webcams and waved at each other. You tried your hardest not to look at Jack specifically since you can tell that he's obviously looking at you.

       "I-" Jack started, but got interrupted immediately by Felix.

       "Hold up, Jack. I forgot to put my volume down."

       "Dude! That's rule number one whenever you talk to me! Right, (Y/N)?!"

       "It's not even a rule, it's like, a law at this point, a code."

       "So, any idea what we're gonna play?" Ken asked innocently and everyone else's face scrunched up in thought.

       "Team Fortress? No... huh..." Mark considered aloud. "How about what (Y/N) said before? Cards against Humanity!"

       "My web browser is being a huge piece of shit right now," Felix retorted, debunking the option. You thought harder, scrolling through your Steam games on your second monitor. You were about to give up until you spotted two decent games to play. "Garry's Mod or Bloody Trapland?" You recommended and Mark fist-bumped the air in victory.

       "Yes! We can play both!"

       "There's a problem with Bloody Trapland, it needs four players, there's five of us." Jack spoke up until Ken trudged in. "I'm not staying for long, I'm just gonna stick around for Prop Hunt and leave since I gotta go take my dog -- Betty -- to the vet."

       You giggled and nodded, "Alright, both it is!" You could feel Jack's ocean orbs on you when you chuckled. They weren't creepy at all, they stared at you with happiness and compassion, something that Isaac didn't do anymore.


       The five, well four of you played for endless hours to count. Eventually, all of you stopped playing and finished recording. Mark stretched his arms and so did Jack. Felix, however, was busy holding his two pugs on his lap. You scratched the back of your head, not caring if you messed up your (h/c) locks, and planted your finishing touches on the Garry's Mod video.

       "So! Who's gonna upload first?" Mark fanned out.

       "I will, I just finished editing the Garry's Mod video." All of your YouTuber friends looked in amazement.

       "Damn! You can finish that fast?!" Jack's voice was dipped in surprise at your statement.

       "I'm a highly-skilled (woman/man), therefore I multi-task too well," you scoffed, practically feeling confetti blowing out of your screen in accomplishment.

       "Please, teach me your ways, (Y/N)-senpai!" Mark praised, stopping when he heard a beep from behind. "Gotta go, mailman!" He closed the Skype tab rapidly, leaving you, Jack, and Felix.

       "Edgar! Don't poop on the floo--!" Felix accidentally exited out when he noticed his pug doing business. This felt familiar. Ah, yes, the two YouTubers abandoned you with Jack in the last group call. What great friends they are.

       You smiled at that thought, forgetting that Jack was still on. "You have a beautiful smile, (Y/N). I hope I can personally see you smile when I arrive in America."

       You nearly choked on air, a ferocious red tint scattered on your cheeks, not ready for a compliment. "A-ah, thanks...?!" You stuttered, feeling flustered. That's when you realized it, how handsome he looked. His brown locks were smooth and a bundle of it went upwards. His face is structured perfectly with oceanic eyes that glittered.

       "(Y/N)? Are you listening?!" Jack called out to you, making your eyes widen in realization. "Oh, um, sorry I got distracted!" Your excuse, however, didn't make Jack buy it. "You're looking at my plus one biceps, are ya?!"

       Beads of sweat dripped down your forehead and trailed down your red cheeks.

       "N-no! I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

       You tried to defend, though he only laughed. The Irish YouTuber was about to say something until a door creaked ajar behind you. On instant, your face drained of color, your (e/c) eyes dilated with fear. Jack realized this and confusion crept up from his back.

       "Hey, are you alright (Y/N)?" He questioned until your boyfriend stepped in. You slowly turned to look at him and it wasn't pretty. He had the coldest glare anyone can give upon his face. Jack didn't know about this since Isaac wasn't in the camera's view. You expected Isaac to lash out on you, however, he replaced his boiling and stern face with a joyful and decent face.

       Isaac walked up to your webcam and went into view, faking a smile, "Hello! You must be one of my girlfriend's friends! Listen, she's kinda busy right now so please refrain from calling, good night." Isaac exited out of your Skype and gazed at you. You sat under his gaze, petrified. "(Y/N), let this be the last time I see you with a guy, if I meet this person in public, I won't hesitate to beat them up."

       His lecture made you shiver, almost making you cry at the fact that he's willing to beat up a guy friend of yours. "Go to your room." Without a second thought, you did just that. You escaped your recording room and  plunged yourself on your bed with your phone in hand. You wanted to talk back, but you weren't in the mood, you were afraid Isaac might try something.

       You sat up, deciding that it was best for you to sleep and forget. Your back to the open door, you scavenged through your cabinets. Finally picking your PJs, you stood, but recoiled shortly after a knife was shot at you. The silver blade dug itself in your (f/c) walls, just centimeters over your head. Isaac stood in the doorway, glaring. "Who told you that you can sleep? You're gonna sleep when I sleep." He huffed and went back to the kitchen, leaving you to cry.

       You had a happy life, crying out of pure pain and fear was unnatural to you. You didn't like it. In fact, you hated it. Sobbing, you scrolled through your Twitter and sent Jack a private DM.

       (YouTube Name): When are you coming to America?

       Not a few seconds passed when he responded;

       Jacksepticeye: Like, in a couple of days or weeks, why?

       You wiped away a tear, smiling yet still sobbing.

(YouTube Name): You always stay up at night, right? Can you talk to me to keep me company?
According To You [JSE X Youtuber!Reader] (1)
Yoυ're α ғαмoυѕ YoυTυвer wιтн тoɴѕ oғ ғαɴѕ. Yoυ нαve loтѕ oғ ғrιeɴdѕ. Loтѕ oғ ɢιғтѕ. Aɴd yoυ нαve α вoyғrιeɴd, Iѕααc Ryder. Yoυr lιғe wαѕ perғecт. Tнαт wαѕ υɴтιl yoυr вoyғrιeɴd нαѕ вeeɴ αcтιɴɢ ѕтrαɴɢe lαтely. He pυѕнed yoυ αwαy wнeɴ yoυ тry тo нυɢ нιм. He ιɴѕυlтѕ yoυ wнeɴ yoυ мαĸe α мιѕтαĸe. Hιѕ wordѕ were нυrтιɴɢ yoυ eмoтιoɴαlly αɴd yoυr lιғe wαѕ ɴeαrιɴɢ тнe ɢυттer υɴтιl ѕoмeoɴe ѕαved yoυ ... αɴd нιѕ ɴαмe ιѕ Seαɴ McLoυɢнlιɴ. (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS)

[© 2015 | иєιgє]


yah, i haven't updated this in forever oops

actually i 
haven't updated until the last century

get it


       "Don't forgot to like and subscribe because... why not. Anyways, I'm (Youtube Name) and I'll see you in the next episode!" You smiled and waved at the camera lenses before shutting off your recording. You heaved a sigh and stretched to your heart's content. Opening the editing tab, you began to revise your video. You were (YouTube Name), a female gamer with five million plus subscribers, or (fans' name) as you like to call them. You only started YouTube two years ago and now you were growing fast. Maybe because other YouTubers like PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Smosh Games invited you to co-op with them? Probably.

       You tensed when you heard the front door of your home open then close. 'Isaac's back from work a bit early, maybe the traffic isn't so lousy today.' You paused in the middle of your editing session and searched for your boyfriend. You spotted Isaac with his mechanic uniform scavenging the fridge. His light brown locks fell over his face, hovering over his clear blue eyes in which took no heed of noticing you. Isaac not saying a word didn't faze you at all.

       "Hi, Isaac! How was work?" You greeted, approaching him for a peck on his cheek but he moved away.

       "Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood." Your boyfriend responded grumpily and refused to lock eyes with yours. Concern mixed in your (e/c) orbs as you were about to ask again but bit your lips to prevents any more words. 'A bad day at work, perhaps?' Isaac wasn't like this. Whenever he did have horrid days at work, he'll go to you for comfort. Now, he's just plain ignoring you as if you didn't exist.

       "Alright then, I hope you feel better," you advised with a distraught look but you shook your head, not letting Isaac's behavior get to you. You went back to your recording room, locked the door, and continued your editing on your recent video. The game was very popular and addictive if you have to say so yourself.

       After an hour or so, you finally finished editing two videos and uploaded one of your pre-recorded and pre-edited videos onto your channel. 'It always takes forever to upload, I should entertain myself in the meantime.' You opened another YouTube tab on your second monitor and went to your subscription box. The most recent one was of Jacksepticeye playing, in which you found very ironic, and below him was Markiplier's video in which seemed like a fresh new horror game. You giggled to yourself, remembering meeting Mark and his friends at PAX East, the sad part was that you couldn't go to Indy Popcon to meet Jack himself since you were incredibly busy. Jack seemed like a good person to meet personally.

       Your train of thoughts crashed once you heard the door creak behind you. You twisted your rolling chair to confront Isaac himself. He was carrying a bag with what looked like purple-blueish stuff? Your boyfriend noticed you eyeing the bag and scoffed. "Don't be nosy," he warned, "Anyways, I'm going out to a friend's house. I'll be back after a while." Before you could respond, he slammed the door close. You heard his loud footsteps leave your home and you sighed.

       'What's wrong with him?' You ran your fingers through your (thin/thick) hair in a stressful manner. A notification showed up on your first monitor that showed that your video has been uploaded and you cracked a small smile. You shared the new video on your other social medias and scanned through the comments.

Kestrelflight: Nice job, (YouTube Name)! Great video :3
Dankmemester: show mee ur kitties
Baron34: u r my fave youtuber <3
Hailhydra: go kill urself females cant play games
BlightedOvul: OMG I SHIP IT JACK X (Y/N)
FamineWar: aLL HAIL JACK X (Y/N)

       You blinked several times at the last two, just what exactly happened? You've seen ships, yes, but nearly half of your comments were about you and Jack being shipped. You squinted, scrolling through your subscription box until you found one of Jack's videos that was uploaded earlier. "I should've guessed -- did something happen in his reading your comments video?" You questioned yourself and clicked on said video, forcing yourself to watch it until halfway.

       "So, who is your favorite YouTuber?" Jack read the question allowed in a loud, Irish accent. There was nothing wrong with it, you actually thought it was cute. "Favorite YouTuber, huh? I'll say Markiplier and (YouTube Name), I can't decide! I love both of their works! Though if I really have to choose, I'd say (Y/N), sorry Mark." You paused the video and squealed. He loved your videos?! What a surprise!

       Your phone buzzed next to you and you checked it. Two new messages;

      Markiplier: get on skype nerd

      Isaac: Also, I don't want to see you talk to any other guy.

       Deciding to ignore Isaac's warning, you opened your Skype and prepared your headset as you immediately got a call from Mark in a group chat.

      You: Hey, Mark!

       Markiplier: Wait for it...


      Jacksepticeye: Hi guys!

      You: So, what's this on about?

      Poods: Oh, who invited (Y/N)?

      Markiplier: I did

       Jacksepticeye: (Y/N)'s gonna play with us?

       Markiplier: Yeah, it's been a while too anyways

      Poods: What game are we gonna play?

       Markiplier: I dunno, thought you guys had something in mind

      Jacksepticeye: (Y/N), do you know any game we can play?

       You: Um, I would say Bloody Trapland but there's five of us. Maybe... Cards against Humanity or Garry's Mod?

      Markiplier: Perfect! Which one though?

       Jacksepticeye: Why not both?

       Poods: Alright but can we play it later? I'm in the middle of recording.

       You: Alright--

       Both Mark and Felix were quick to leave the Skype call, leaving you and Jack alone. You were about to leave as well until he called out. "Wait, (Y/N)! C-can I get your phone number?" You raised a brow when he stuttered. "How come? I mean, you're in Ireland, our services won't connect."

       "I'm planning to head to America again so I can meet you guys, hopefully I get to see you too!" He excitedly chirped and you plastered a smile on your face. "Well alright then." The both of you traded numbers, said your good-byes, then left. You stretched once more and hopped onto your bed, feeling drowsy.

       That's when you fell asleep, oblivious to the constant buzzing of your phone with Jack X (Y/N) repeated over and over.
According To You [JSE X Youtuber!Reader] Prologue
Yoυ're α ғαмoυѕ YoυTυвer wιтн тoɴѕ oғ ғαɴѕ. Yoυ нαve loтѕ oғ ғrιeɴdѕ. Loтѕ oғ ɢιғтѕ. Aɴd yoυ нαve α вoyғrιeɴd, Iѕααc Ryder. Yoυr lιғe wαѕ perғecт. Tнαт wαѕ υɴтιl yoυr вoyғrιeɴd нαѕ вeeɴ αcтιɴɢ ѕтrαɴɢe lαтely. He pυѕнed yoυ αwαy wнeɴ yoυ тry тo нυɢ нιм. He ιɴѕυlтѕ yoυ wнeɴ yoυ мαĸe α мιѕтαĸe. Hιѕ wordѕ were нυrтιɴɢ yoυ eмoтιoɴαlly αɴd yoυr lιғe wαѕ ɴeαrιɴɢ тнe ɢυттer υɴтιl ѕoмeoɴe ѕαved yoυ ... αɴd нιѕ ɴαмe ιѕ Seαɴ McLoυɢнlιɴ. (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS)


yeah, isaac is somewhat inspired from the binding of isaac ok
So I think I might open commissions for writing (points only obviously) when I have the time.

Basically they will come in one-shots or stories, etc

The only exception is that all of the people that commission a writing piece from me will be an X Reader.

What's X Reader?

Obv it's where the main character (you) fall in love or something related to love with another character or characters.

Now, why am I saying this?

I want to be a creative writer/graphic designer.

I want to practice even though literally most of my chapters are rushed because I want to satisfy fans.

I write more than just fnaf, check my Quotev if you want (QueenCandyness).

If you're too lazy to check, I wrote about Undertale, Hetalia, Outlast, Warrior Cats, etc.

I want to know if any of you are interested in commissioning.

My prices aren't going to be high btw, the max there will be is 20 or 30 points.

Sorry for the delay, my computer is down <3


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strive to become a better writer,
criticism will be nice!

My faves!

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