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       You closed your eyes, preparing for your upcoming death but... nothing. It was like you had stopped falling in general and stayed frozen in time. You slightly opened one eye before deciding to open both of them to examine just what the hell was going on. A glimmering white light was shining, illuminating the darkness that surrounded you. 'How am I floating?' You only got more confused when you figured out you were floating in a void of darkness with only a petite light shining meters away from you. Noting that there was nothing else but the light, you decided to head towards it. 'Not sure if this is a good idea.' You immediately closed your eyes once more to avoid the searing burn of the light as it consumed you.

       'Yay, I totally missed having these visions.' You snarled sarcastically to yourself when you woke up in a body of a kid with a mask. You couldn't see what mask you were wearing but you didn't want to. You just wanted this nightmare to end. You dragged your small legs through the hall where other kids resided with masks and cakes. 'Is it someone's birthday?' You told yourself but ignored it when you eventually reached a table with the same cake that you always gave in your other visions. The same child was sitting, looking happy at the fact that you finally arrived with the rest of his friends whom consisted of the original animatronics masks on their faces. What mask were you wearing if the originals were the other kids? 'Woah!' Your body vanished and transformed into a balloon along with the other kids, catching you off guard. That's when you realized that the mask you were wearing was of the Puppet.

       "AH! Oh my--!" You jolted violently, waking yourself up from your dream. You placed a hand over your chest and panted at the rude awakening you had given yourself. 'All of that was just a dream? Did Yariel seriously just throw me off a cliff and I somehow lived but it showed me another vision? Wait--!' You knew it. You knew who was the one who kept sending you these visions. It wasn't the work of one person but the work of two. 'Yariel, what a sneaky shit he is along with him.' Your face was twisted with hatred and puzzlement. You knew who the second person was and it was a very tragic conclusion indeed. You looked down upon your (slender/chubby/etc) fingers and sighed.

       It was you.

       Or that was what Shadow Bonnie want to be referred as.

       Your (iPhone/Android/etc) buzzed, signaling that you had received a text message. You weren't surprised by anything anymore, ever since you started working at that darn horror attraction you weren't the same. 'I swear if it's Yariel...' You gripped your phone tightly at the thought and checked the text;

       +1 Unknown Number

       Hey! It's me, Javier : ) Sorry if this text came outta the blue, I got your phone number from Yariel. I just wanted to inform you that your (animal) suit has been delayed since Cristian has gotten into a car accident yesterday morning. But I left you a little surprise on your security office desk (is that how you call it) and I hope you like it ; )

P.S. Not sure if you like the animatronic I sculpted for you. Security guards really hate him but I don't! After all my father was the one who designed him! I think I made it obvious who I sculpted but whatever. I gtg take care of Cris. Bye!

      'Alright? That's a bit weird, why give a gift to someone you barely even know? Whatever, I'll take what I can get.' Suddenly, your eyes widened in realization. No wonder why Javier told you that your (animal) suit was delayed. 'The attraction opens in two days! And yet I'm working overtime because my stupid Boss is forcing me to!' You would have enjoyed going to work if everything wasn't trying to kill you. You hopped out of your bed and headed straight to the bathroom with sore limbs. You stopped in front of the mirror only to glare at your reflection.

       "You." You pointed out at Shadow Bonnie in the mirror but he mimicked your moves and words as if he was indeed you. But then again Shadow Bonnie is you. "Not gonna talk to be, huh?" You reached out to him, both of your hands grazing the mirror before your fingers came into contact with his. You stood there paralyzed as Shadow Bonnie smirked at your reaction. He grabbed your pale hand tightly and you screamed out in intense pain, feeling your body shake as the pain traveled through your veins like wildfire. With your other hand, you gripped on the sink counter firmly while struggling with the other. Just as the pain stopped, Shadow Bonnie let you go which caused you to fall on the floor, trembling.

       Shadow Bonnie chuckled and dissolved in the mirror without a word. You looked down upon yourself again in horror, realizing what Shadow Bonnie did to you. He was transferring his memories onto you from your past life. Each and every single memory were in clear detail. You just learned that you weren't the one who had to be saved; it was Springtrap. Springtrap, the love of your life, was the one who needed to be saved, not you. You had been saved a long time ago when you were crushed within the spring locks. You knew the origins of yourself and Yariel's. You knew what to do, it had dawned to you all of a sudden.

       "Tonight, I'm gonna save Springtrap. Not just him, but everybody else too."


       You cautiously made your way to the Office, paranoid about the Phantoms and Yariel himself. You nervously bit your lips as you sat down on your leather chair before observing your desk, noticing something new. "Oh, was this the present?" You rolled your chair forwards to take a closer look at the new figurine on your desk. It was you and Springtrap holding hands and smiling at each other which was sculpted in a plastic material. You couldn't help but feel a certain red tint on your cheeks when you held the item. Javier somehow remembered your (h/c) locks and bright (e/c) orbs. You couldn't help but crack a smile at the cute gift before setting it aside in a dark corner.

       "(Y/N)! Thank God you're alright!" You looked up to see Springtrap in his human form once again making his way to the Office with a dangerous smile. You invited him in and realized the lust of insanity faint in his eyes. "You okay, Springy?" You frowned with concern. Springtrap kissed your cheek softly, the kiss tingling on your skin. "It's nothing. I got carried away this morning with one of the Phantoms." You raised a brow at this new information he was telling you. "Freddy was talking horrible things about you and I snapped. I killed him just like what you did to Chica."

       "I can't believe that you're still out in a murderous rampage."

       "I don't understand how you love me at all."

       "Shut up, you dork." You kissed him on the nose and he scoffed, looking away with a hidden blush. You zoned out, deep in thought until Springtrap brought you back to your senses. "Do you sense that? That dark energy?" Springtrap's ears perked up and his eyes were rolling around trying to find the source. You glanced at the time that read 11:59PM before focusing on the dark aura that Springtrap was sensing.

       "I can't sense anything--" You interrupted yourself once you actually felt something dark. 'Ah, he's here too. Then I know what I must do.'

       "Night 6, no one has ever gone this far. I'm going to protect you until my last breath, (Y/N). I'm sorry--" You interjected Springtrap. "We're not gonna die, at least I hope not. But, promise me that we'll be together no matter what." Springtrap nodded at your promise, accepting it. "Anything for you."

       You cracked a smile and closed your eyes, "Good." You squeezed Springtrap's hand.


       You heard banging on the window panel, the delicate glass cracking within every pounding. Springtrap growled and held a defensive stance.


       You're name is (Y/N) (L/N).

       You heard the glass shatter completely before opening your eyes.

       And this was your final night.
Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] (16)
sorry i had writer's block, im not very fond of this chapter but whatever ;v;

       Your animatronic (animal) screamed like a child's. You recoiled and stepped back without looking up and held your damaged part of your head. "W-W-What w-w-a-as th-that for!" Your voice box started to glitch as you retorted to your attacker, pissed. You looked up forcefully to see a man wearing purple attire and a smirk. He held his axe proudly and swung it around a bit.

       "I spent two years planning this revenge, (animal)." You glared at him and sputtered, "W-Why?!" His smirk fell and was replaced with a frown. "Because you killed my son, Derek! I should have known your stupid spirit would possess your suit but I didn't believe in the supernatural! Anyways, I'm going to make you suffer! First, by tearing your friends apart!" He pointed at the animatronic pile, "Then I deal with you! I was saving the best for last!" He insanely laughed as he swung his axe closer to you. You stepped back but you knew you couldn't escape, your legs were limp.

       "Stop!" You yelled out as you dealt with a massive blow to the chest. You screeched and fell down, allowing the man in purple chop off your arms, electricity sparking everywhere. "S-S-STOP!" You called out but he ignored you and kept chopping off your arms into pieces. For some reason, it hurt, it felt like you were a human who limbs were being chopped off. "I-I-I-I ST-STOP -PLE-PLEASE!" You couldn't cry as your attacker started to chop off your legs, amputating them. The damage plus the sparking electricity was like a massive fire running through your veins and organs, except animatronic wise. The material was falling apart as if your skin was peeling, this didn't look like you at all. Was this how it felt when Derek tore you apart? If so, you were glad you were shut off.

       "DO YOU FEEL THAT?! THAT'S HOW I FELT WHEN THEY TOLD ME MY SON WAS DEAD!" He kept hitting harder due to his new found adrenaline and you screeched as he tore away your torso. The purple man hashed your neck and your head flew off, detaching itself from the rest of your suit. You noticed how your suit was literally torn into tiny pieces, like paper. 'Why am I still alive?' You questioned from your numb pain. You didn't want to live anymore, the pain was too much. Yours and losing Bonnie. 'Please, I want to leave. I want to go.' Oil tracked down your cheeks as the purple man approached you, kneeling down. You forced yourself to stare at him, your murderer's father. What had you done wrong? You didn't deserve this. You were just a child who got stuffed and you managed to kill your murderer but you were being punished. Why? Was it because of your bad deeds with guards? Were you supposed to let him suffer?

       "This makes me happy, fear in your (e/c) eyes. My son would be proud of me." The purple man calmly told you as he hovered his axe up high. 'I love you, Bonnie.' Was your last thought as he crashed his axe against your head, obliterating what's left of you. Oil sputtered everywhere since your 'death' was the messiest of them all. The purple man stood up and scoffed, "Great, now my pants are dirty." He went back into a hidden room that you haven't seen before.

       'Wait, why am I still alive?' For some reason you were floating in air. You looked down upon yourself and realized that you were a child? And a ghost, too! "(Y/N), (Y/N)! You're here!" You heard Bonnie's voice call and you looked up to see a child with messy black hair and glistening blue eyes. "B-Bonnie?! Is that really you?!" He appeared so much different when he was a kid!

       Bonnie nodded and tugged on your hand, pointing at the room that the purple man went inside. "We're gonna get revenge on our murderer! I'm gonna get revenge for us both!" The both of you ran inside to see a terrified purple man holding a knife out. Beside you were the spirits of Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and even Golden Freddy's!

       "Stay away from me, you demons!" He called out. You noticed a golden Bonnie suit in the corner of your eye.

       "Shut up! We can't let you escape this time!" Foxy yowled out.

       "You took our lives away and it's time we took yours!" Freddy stated.

       "I want to be free with my friends!" Chica admitted.

       "I'm tired of staying here in a stupid pizzeria left alone!" Golden Freddy growled.

       "It's time you suffer like we had!" Bonnie clenched his fists.

       "Your time is up, it's time for you to perish!" You exclaimed and all of you started to encircle the horrified purple man.

       "UGH! Stupid brats!" He yelled angrily before climbing inside an isolated golden Bonnie suit, laughing. Your friends stopped, not knowing what to do. 'How the hell do you attack an animatronic--!' Your train of thoughts were interrupted when the sound of cracking and tearing snapped. The golden Bonnie suit was paralyzed before it fell down with the purple man screaming. Scarlet blood seeped through the suit and sockets before the suit finally stopped shaking, signaling the complete death of the murderer.

       "We--We did it," Freddy pointed out and all of you cheered except you.

       "What now?" You asked and noticed how all of you were more transparent. "G-Guys?!"

       "We're free! Yay!" Chica celebrated but you frowned.

       "I don't want to leave." All the others except Bonnie stared at you in shock. "Why not?" Foxy asked. "Because I want to live life as a human, I want to grow up, something that I couldn't do. But now, I have a chance." You spirit became engulfed with light until you stepped out as your human animatronic self, your (e/c) eyes filled with life.

       "You do know that you can't join us unless you die within your new life?" Golden Freddy pointed out.

       "And why don't you guys want to stay and live a new life?" You questioned. "It's because we're tired of staying here for nearly 40 years. I want to leave already." Freddy admitted and you glanced at Bonnie with depressed eyes. "Bonnie are you leaving too?" Bonnie shook his head in denial and engulfed himself in light before stepping out as his human animatronic self that you grown to love.

       "It just be us four then," Foxy murmured. "But why, Bonnie? Out of everyone here, you wanted to leave the most!"

       "I know," Bonnie started, "But my life would be better with (Y/N), it's like starting over. I'm sorry, guys." Tears pricked his maroon eyes as he watched his friends vanish.

       "See you soon!" Chica yelled her good-bye as she left completely.

       "Good luck you two." Freddy vanished.

       "Whatever." Golden Freddy disappeared.

       "Hehe, when ye' have kids, name one of them after the good ol' cap'n Foxy." Foxy winked at the both of you before he disappeared without a trace, leaving you and Bonnie.

       "A-Are you sure, Bonnie? It was your last chance to leave!" Bonnie grabbed your hands and leaned in to kiss you on the lips.

       "(Y/N), I promised you that I will always be there for you until the day we fall apart. I promised you that I'd guide your way into a new life. I'm so glad to have met you, (Y/N) (L/N). I would always love you. No matter where you go, I'd be right beside you." You sniffled and cried of joy as Bonnie embraced you once more. From this day on, you were starting a new life. Not as an animatronic, but as a human alongside your only lover, Bonnie.


I'm Not the One [Bonnie X Animatronic!Reader] END
since im not gonna waste another post, im gonna post the fun facts here;

-I will NOT be making a sequel 

-If you pay close attention to the chapter names, most of them points out feelings or emotions, this was (Y/N)'s feelings being expressed in the title, all of them.

-Shadow Bonnie was actually a hallucination that you caused

-In the Prologue, the animatronics were greeting the kids, these same greetings are used in Chapter 15

-Derek came from multiple inspirations, the name was from my friends, the looks was from France from Hetalia, and the personality was from Derek in a love story on Youtube (which I will not say) that shows Derek was an evil rival and threat

-Jay the Janitor was inspired by Jayfeather from Warrior Cats

-Jonathan the mechanic was based on someone I know

-Mr.Ryouta was based on Ryouta from Hatoful Boyfriend

-One of my friends told me "Did (Y/N) and Bonnie bang during those 2 years?" and all I said was "Whatever you want." Literally, anything could happen during those 2 years.

-(Y/N)'s close friend used to be Chica until after the Strangle, it was Foxy since she was able to relate to him more

-Mr.Ryouta signed himself up as a security guard and retired his Boss position to another. He died because you killed him but you didn't know because you were being fully possessed.

-Bonnie has a scar on his belly because when he tried to befriend you during those two years, you pushed him away causing him to get scarred. 

-The pizza at the end that Chica made was used by the guard's blood and molded skin serving as the crust, organs and etc. were used for the topping. Why else would it be fresh.

-This story was gonna take place when the place was actually shut down but then I realized that not much action could happen.

-Remember, Mike wasn't the first victim that you killed. It was the rich family, when you caused the flood you drowned most of them to death.

-It has been mentioned a couple of times that you were back at FredBear's Diner and was taken away because you were causing 'trouble'. The trouble was that you were always clingy of Golden Bonnie and you knocked down a kid on purpose because they're being annoying.

-Fan art for this book? Don't feel bad about showing your fan art, I don't judge! Show me your fan art if you like!

-You and Bonnie lived happy lives and had a son named Faux and a daughter named Sylvia.

       After every single customer has left the pizzeria, you were consumed with guilt. The employees, even Jay himself glared at you with hatred. The animatronics? You couldn't tell, they were staring blankly as if they got shut off. You stopped working too. You didn't want to see so many people's eyes boring into your animatronic suit. Just seeing people look at you with hatred was enough to hurt you, and hell you were an animatronic! You couldn't feel anything!

       Mr.Ryouta approached you, he wasn't frightened, he wasn't surprised. He was disappointed and angry at you. The Boss snarled under his breath, "Take this shitty (animal) back to where it belongs," You nearly cringed at what he called you. "NOW!" Employees shut you off yet you were still awake, was it your spirit inside keeping you awake even if shut down? Either way, the workers started to heave you up to a tiny ramp and onto those strollers they use to carry heavy stuff. Some workers were crying and afraid to even go near you.

       'I didn't mean to do this,' You were even afraid yourself, casting a glance at your boyfriend; Bonnie. He didn't even look at you, he ignored you as you were being pulled back to the Backstage. Suddenly, the (f/c) plastic you had to attach to your chest fell off, exposing the torn wires that Foxy had given you. The employees didn't pay any heed towards the plastic and started to release you from the restrains and dumped you in the darkest corner. You could hear several gears in your legs stop working from the forceful push but you didn't complain.

       "What now, Boss?" One of the employees questioned, removing their Freddy badge and name tag. Mr.Ryouta didn't even look back at the employee. "The usual, get rid of Derek's body. By the way, all of you are fired. This place is gonna get shut down for good."

       "Are you going to demolish this place, sir?" The employee asked. "I wish, but the court would be taking all of our money and I doubt it that I have enough money to pay for this place to get torn down. Plus, I can't do so without the original owner's consent." He responded, his shoes nearly touching the pool of blood that Derek drowned in.

       "Boss! Look what I found!" Jay called as he rushed to his Boss, showing him the reflecting piece of plastic that was dropped by you. "Is that from (Y/N)?" Jay nodded. "She had a torn up chest, Jonathan must have gotten lazy or had no idea how to fix it."

       "That stupid mechanic! I shouldn't have hired him!" Mr. Ryouta clenched his fists and randomly scream, swinging his fists in utter anger. Meanwhile, Bonnie and the rest were listening to their boss' tantrum. All of them were silent because of what had happened to Derek. Bonnie was actually glad the waiter had been dealt with, but he didn't expect it that you would finish him off. Maybe it was revenge for Derek breaking her apart?

       "It was like the bite, yet I don't know which one's worse," Bonnie heard Chica admit.

       "Well, the Bite of '87 and the Strangle of '93 are both equally as bad. Except someone actually died this time." Freddy filled in. Bonnie gave him a slight nod before the bear's eyes rotated to glance at him. "Do you still love (Y/N)? Even after what she had done?"

       "I will always love (Y/N). I don't care what she did, she'll always be the love of my life." Bonnie's statement surprised Freddy and Chica couldn't help but squeal a bit.

       "Well, technically, we don't have a life." Freddy retorted. "We do Freddy, it's that you haven't realized it. All this time, I thought we were just murderous killing machines until (Y/N) stepped in. She made me realize that I have an actual soul, not just a dead child's soul but a real one. If we really didn't have a life, how were we able to transform human or control our speech and personality without children possessing us?" Bonnie's rant made both Freddy and Chica quiet, possibly pondering and processing the new information. It was true what Bonnie said, they were alive during the day but haunted at night. Two split personalities and one of them was their true selves.

       "That truly does sound... relaxing," Chica commented and plastered a small smile. "You go be with (Y/N), Bonnie. Make sure you protect her at all costs. She's the one who brought you a new life after all."

       Bonnie nodded and huffed, "I will."


       Two years had passed since the place had closed down. You weren't yourself when the place shut down for the first time. You were more reserved and quiet, refusing to speak to anyone except murmurs to Bonnie. They didn't give up though and eventually you started to recover yourself from the 'permanent' damage that the Strangle of '93 had inflicted. It took Bonnie and his friends a while but your boyfriend managed to put you back up to your feet. Since there was no Jay the Janitor, the animatronics cleaned themselves and cleaned your (f/c) (fur/material/plastic/etc) after you decided to open up again.

        Bonnie explained about the Bite of '87 and how he didn't think that you were a monster and you were happy about that. Despite the friendly gestures and your personality change, your animatronic form couldn't stop hunting the security guards down. Before, it used to be you and your dead child spirit working together but you abandoned the idea of murdering when you became close to Bonnie again. Nonetheless, even without your help, you were still possessed at night and always killed the guard by limping down the hall if they monitored the cameras too much.

       Currently, you were snuggling next to Bonnie in your human forms. You didn't even know what time it is due to the fact that they had sealed up every opening and the clock had stopped working and its hands were stuck at 5PM. Right now, Chica was trying to cook with the help of Foxy while Freddy supervised them so they didn't do anything stupid. You asked why they wanted to cook pizza if the ingredients were probably expired but Chica admitted that she didn't care.

       "Ugh, it's raining again." You commented as you felt several drops land on your (skin color) skin. This only made nearby rats squeak and emerge from their hiding holes. You were quite used to these rodents since a lot of them were in the Backstage. Bonnie kissed your cheek and grabbed your hand. "It's alright, we can never get sick anyways." You raised a brow at the new information. "Really? Well, sounds logical--!" You stopped mid-sentence when you heard a crash from far away. Freddy didn't flinch but he looked into the direction of the crash.

       "Did something drop?" Chica called from the kitchen. "I'll go check it out." Freddy volunteered and transformed back to his animatronic form before embarking his way down the halls. Thunder roared from above and you squeaked, not expecting a thunder at all. You gripped on Bonnie's shirt and held onto him as embraced you.

       "You're scared of loud noises?" Bonnie asked. Ever since the Strangle, you were paranoid, and your paranoia increased since the Backstage was the quietest of all rooms. You stayed in the same position for a few minutes, the pregnant silence appearing in the atmosphere until Bonnie broke it. "I'm gonna go check on Freddy, it doesn't take that long to investigate." You let go of Bonnie as he hopped off the Show Stage.

       "Be careful, Bonnie." You advised him and he nodded at you. "You too." As he left out of your sight, you sighed. You started to get comfortable in your position until thunder roared once more. "EEH!" You screeched in surprise and fell off the Show Stage, almost breaking your nose. Chica and Foxy emerged from the kitchen and headed towards the Dining Area holding a large pizza in hand. Chica placed it down and you nearly drooled at the sight. It was a very fresh (fave topping) pizza! 'And yet Chica can use her magic with expired ingredients!' You licked your lips since you haven't eaten food at all in your animatronic life.

       Chica looked around as Foxy sat on one of the chairs, stretching from exhaustion. "Hmm? Where Freddy and Bonnie?" She asked and you pointed to presumably where the noise was. "They went to check on the noise." Chica hummed. "I'm gonna go find them, they have to try this pizza!" Your chicken friend chirped as she followed the same path as Bonnie and Freddy, leaving you alone with Foxy.

       "Don't even think about it, Foxy." You warned him just as he tried to snatch a slice of pizza. You couldn't help but admit that the aroma was pleasant. Foxy whined and retracted his hands, crossing his arms. Twenty minutes had passed and you were extremely worried now. "I'm gonna go check on them--"

       "Sit down, (Y/N). I will. I don't want ye' to get hurt or anything or Bonnie will murder me plenty." Foxy stood and reverted back to his animatronic self before rushing down the halls, that's his specialty anyways.

       "You can't control me, Foxy! Damn it!" You limped your way, trying to follow the path Foxy went. Now, you couldn't fix your legs since none of your friends were mechanics, not even Golden Freddy knew how to fix it. You huffed and panted as you dragged yourself for five minutes before transforming back as an animatronic. Whatever threat there was, you could easily get rid of it with your animatronic self. You passed through rooms with party hats until you noticed splotches of oil spilled in the rooms. 'Why is there oil? Especially if it's fresh?' You gasped as another thunder roared down, the rain seeping through more cracks creating puddles. You followed the oily path until you reached a certain room, making you stop.

       "BONNIE?! GUYS?!" You screamed in terror at your boyfriend and friends' broken parts scattered around in a huge pile.

       "Ah, the (animal) who caused the Strangle of '93." You heard a new masculine voice and you turned around, trying to look for the male. "Now, now, (Y/N). Revenge is best served cold, right?" The same voice questioned bu he sounded much closer.

       "Where are you?!" You hollered, angrily. "I'm right here, (animal)." You heard the voice next to your ear but before you could turn around, a painful force collided with your face.

       The whiteness had evaporated from your vision and everything had reappeared again; Springtrap, BB, Mangle, Foxy, you, but there was only one phantom missing from this scene. 'Chica, she's vanished. Did... I kill her? How can I kill a ghost?' You gazed at the floor and noticed no remains of said Phantom, it was like committing the perfect crime, well almost, there were plenty of witnesses. All of them looked distraught, especially Foxy. Springtrap looked at you as if you were a stranger and it hurt you deeply.

       "Why ye'! Who even are ya'! Ye' killed Chica!" Foxy's white pupils were blinded by rage. He was screeching and stomping at the checkered-tiled floor, releasing his mad tantrum.

       "Foxy, enough!" Springtrap called out to the rampaging fox but he continued. You chuckled darkly under your breath, tiny black wisps escaping your mouth. Foxy angrily hollered and pounced directly at you, opening his jaws to the point where you thought that no one can open their mouth that wide.

       "Ye' will pay! I will kill ya' if it be the last thing I do!" He aimed for your neck and you swiftly grabbed his neck. Foxy started to claw your shadowy hand with his hook but to no prevail. You tossed him behind you, not looking back, and heard him scream in pain, whimpering.

       "You're not worth my time," You heard the demonic voice say and you mentally cringed, not liking this form you had possessed. Was it really true when the Shadow Bonnie in the mirror stated that he was indeed you? How? The woman that was killed in the springlock suits had (h/c) and blue eyes! Nothing like you at all, except the hair color!

       Phantom Mangle and BB stepped back before sprinting away from you, terrified cries were heard from the both. After the two other Phantoms left, you stayed with Springtrap whom was still bleeding from Mangle's and Chica's inflicting wounds. 'Where are Phantom Freddy and Puppet? After all this commotion they should be here by now!' This truly confused you to no end, but it's not like you actually want them here.

       Springtrap gave you a stern look, "Who are you? You're not (Y/N)!" He clenched his fists and the both of you stayed still, observing.

       "Oh, but I am. She's only my mere conscious at the moment and was watching the whole show. Isn't that right, (Y/N)?" Shadow Bonnie explained and you groaned.

       'No, leave me alone.' You responded with a snarl.

       'Ugh, you're not fun with that attitude.' He commented back in his mind before smirking. "I can only be summoned when the both of you are at the same amount of intense anger. After all, the both of you are spiritually connected, not related, but you get the point."

       Springtrap raised a brow, "And how's that possible?" You huffed, "(Y/N) died in your suit back at Freddy's Pizzeria when you were working with him. I'm her ghost, she was reincarnated later on and I possessed her."

       "Get out of her body then! She doesn't need you anymore!" Springtrap retorted. "You're right, I have no business to attend right now, but I'll be back, whether you're angry or not." The shadow advised. Strong and powerful winds surrounded you, as if trying to lift you from the ground. The air engulfed you and you were slowly transforming back to your original self. 'Why does transformation hurt so bad!' Tears pricked your eyes at the pain, feeling the last of Shadow Bonnie going dormant. The air and light disappeared and you panted, falling over until Springtrap caught you.

       "Are you alright? Can you speak, kitten?" You felt his fingers graze through your (h/c) locks as he held you tight. Currently, you didn't care about his blood staining your (f/c) clothes, you were exhausted.

       "I'm sorry," was the first thing you said to him. "It's not your fault, (Y/N). It wasn't you." He soothed you.

       'But he was me. I murdered Chica and strangled Foxy and scared BB and Mangle away. Am I a monster?' You whimpered quietly and sobbed. On cue, the 6AM bell rang but the both of you didn't let go. "Do you still love me? Even after that?"

       "I do, hell and I will forever," Springtrap pecked your foreheard with his soft lips and you smiled. Weird, admitting that you were in love with an animatronic that tried to kill you. Was it Stockholm Syndrome? "As sad as this might be, you have to go." His white pupils engrossed your own (e/c) ones. "Leave, kitten.~" Springtrap commanded, already turning back to his insane side.

       You only gulped and nodded before leaving the building of the horror attraction that imprisoned your fellow animatronic friend. As you traveled back home, you noticed that a fog heavily surrounded you the entire time in which you found odd. Fogs aren't suppose to be that dense. It was like walking through a foggy forest! 'Whatever, I'd sleep it off.' You unlocked your house door, entered, closed it, and went straight to bed with an exhausted sigh.


       'Where am I? Why is it so foggy again?' You cast a worried glance and searched around deep in the fog. You couldn't see anything, not a tree, not a rock, not even the ground! It was just an endless void of fog! "Hello?!" You called out, confused. "Hopefully, I wake up soon." You kept trudging around until you found a path, purple splotches on the 'ground'. 'Finally, something!' You didn't care if this was a trap, at least it was something. Plus, you were confident that this was only just a dream.

       Follow me.

       'Oh God.'
You angrily thought, stopping in your tracks. The same shadowy bear as before spawned a few meters in front of you. You gasped, realizing what this meant.

       Follow me.

       "I'll follow you, damn it! Just stop!" You ran past the bear and kept following the path of splotches before you, however, due to the fog, you couldn't see what's ahead. Suddenly, the fog disappeared and you exited out of a forest. Your feet dragged themselves through the new found snow until you reached a cliff. Snowflakes were falling and ahead of the cliff, there was nothing. 'Ah, what now?' You pondered before screaming at a painful force jabbing your side. You were pinned to the snowy ground and you twist and flailed at your captor's grip. "Let go of me!" You commanded before actually focusing your vision on your assailant. It was a man, but it wasn't just any man.

       "Y-Yariel?! Boss?!" You called out in surprise. He was wearing a top hat and purple bear ears resided on his chestnut hair. You couldn't believe it. "Y-You're--!"

       "That's right, (Y/N). Allies. Partners. I knew there was something up when you first stepped foot into the attraction. I never thought that you were Shadow Bonnie, my partner from long ago. But finally, I finally found you so I can do what I have to do. " Yariel ranted on.

       You were even more puzzled, "What do you mean? I never wanted to be a part of this!" You struggled at Yariel's grip when he held you as he stood. He walked over to the edge of the cliff and hovered your body over the infinite void below. "I never liked you anyways!"

       Yariel scoffed, "Me neither. I'm jealous you managed to get along with an animatronic that killed you before. I couldn't get along with my murderer." His grip tightened on your neck. "Do you want to experience death again, (Y/N)? I'll offer it to you for free." He giggled and dropped you just as you were clawing his hand.

       "NO! NO!AAAAAAAHH!" You screamed in fear, watching how you were devoured in pure darkness. Below you were the outlines of animatronics devices, spikes, crossbeams, deadly wires. What's worse was that Springtrap waited below, welcoming you to your death.

       "NO! NO! THIS IS A DREAM! I CAN'T DIE!" You yelled out before coming in contact with your one and only death.

       'Ugh, why am I sleeping?' You thought in your infinite dark void, not recalling what had happened to you at all. You groaned at your sore muscles and the uncomfortable cold surface below you. 'Why is it so frigid?' You groggily opened your eyes and blinked away your dreamy state. The first thing your (e/c) orbs noticed is pearly white, sharp teeth nearly touching your delicate skin on your face.

       "AAAAAAAAAH!!" You hollered in fear, scooting back to the nearest wall with fear-stricken, shrunken pupils. There laid a mangled fox animatronic, the same one that struck fear and anxiety in your heart. Your screech made the fox wake up and landed its yellow eye on your trembling form.

       "AAH! WHAT THE FEATHERS ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" The animatronic copied what you've done about it and also back up to a wall. The both of you were on opposite ends, studying every move and breath.

       "What do you mean what am I doing here?! You kidnapped me!" You stated which only made the fox more confused.

       "Kidnapped you? I've never seen you around Freddy Fazbear's before! Even my scanners don't know your identity!" The fox counter-argued with your reasoning.

       "Then why am I here?"

       "I don't know!"

       "You're lying! You're the one who brought me here in the first place!"

       This made Mangle tilt her head in confusion and curiosity, "Really? How?"

       "I was playing Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and you were moving on the first night and you jumped out at me and I blacked out!" You explained, leaving the parts about Scott Cawthon, livestreaming, and all that Youtube nonsense. The tension in the air evaporated and the both of you stared at each other. Your pounding heart had calmed down and you didn't feel so sore anymore.

       "I'm sorry," The Mangle's quiet whirring soothed you as he stood (kinda) and light surrounded the animatronic with a luminous glow. You stared in shock and awe at the Mangle who had transformed into a human. You could tell he was (surprisingly) a male with a feminine touch. He had ears sprouting from his (white/pink) hair and was wearing some sort of dress with a pink ribbon attached. He's wearing white boots with hot pink shoelaces and several endoskeleton tentacles (along with his second head) sprouted from his back. In this human form, he regained his other eye. "Can we start over?" He finished.

       "I'm (Y/N) (L/N), but you can call me (Nickname). May I ask you a question, er...?"

       "Call me whatever you want hun, and yes go ahead." His voice was high-pitched, like splitting ice. You preferred it that way, it would be very awkward if he had a very masculine voice.

       "Well, for now I'll still call you Mangle. Anyways, are you a transgender? I mean, it's alright I won't judge-"

       "Goodness sake! No! I just happen to like cute things! Just like how there are tomboy girls, there are girly guys but I'm still a male!" Mangle crossed his arms and pouted in which you found adorable. "Don't apologize sweetie, you're not the first." You sighed in relief that he wasn't that offended. "Tell me, (Y/N), how do you know about us and how exactly did you end up here?" He sat next to you but he noticed you discomfort and scooted a bit away from you.

       "Well, I don't want to explain the technology part thoroughly, at least not yet anyways. It's the year 2015 where I'm from and my life is basically just Youtube, a website where you post videos of humor, film, etc. For example, mines was gaming and my Youtube channel is named (Youtube Name). In my world, all of this, even you are part of a game called Five Nights at Freddy's or FNaF for short. Basically it had gotten very popular, especially with me and Scott Cawthon, the creator, released a second game which feature the newer models. You have to survive five nights there, wind the music box, etc. I was livestreaming-- a website that allows viewers to come in and chat while watching me play live-- and I had already begun my first night and not even a few minutes later, you were missing from your spot which is unusual because you aren't supposed to be active during the first night. So, at the same time, I was looking at my second monitor to see the chat and trying to find the answer but then I saw you leaping out of my screen and attacking me before I blacked out. Then, I woke up here." You heaved out a breath that you didn't even know you were holding and waited for his reaction.

       Mangle seemed to be staring at you blankly, trying to process the information, "Well, you're not wrong that this place works exactly like FNaF but I do agree, I do not move on the first night. It just feels so unrealistic knowing that in your world, we're nothing but a mere game. Just how popular was your uh Youtube channel?"

       "Six million people are subscribed to me, and still growing."

       "Ah, and that many people must have been on your livestreaming and saw you faint. At this point, you're probably all over the news." Mangle reasoned and you nodded. You wouldn't say all over the news because really, you're just one simple Youtuber! You're not Pewdiepie so the world wouldn't post your name on the news!

       You grinned, "Y'know Mangle, when I saw you in the game, I dubbed you as the most terrifying animatronic next to the Old Chica." You expected him to get offended and pout again but he only chuckled.

       "I would understand why, one time Toy Bonnie offered me a mirror and I jolted away in fear, thinking that the mirror was broken!" The both of you laughed away and you smiled. 'I guess he's not so bad after all, he does have a good heart.' Your worries washed away, forgetting your current situation. "Wait, darling, be quiet for a second please." You noticed his ears twitched and you bit your lip to prevents any noises that could escape your mouth.

       "What is it?" You whispered but he silenced you by placing his tail over your lips. You tried to concentrate but nothing. That's when you picked up the sounds that Mangle was listening to. They were distant but it was obvious that it was approaching near your location. It sounded like scratching. As if someone was scraping the walls with very sharp claws. You didn't even notice that Mangle's second head stopped its annoying whirring. You whimpered in fear and Mangle held you in his arms, glaring at the entrance of Kid's Cove as if waiting for something to pass. That's when you heard the thing sniff like a dog.

       "She's here." It grunted out, filling the atmosphere with a black fog before vanishing.

As most of you know, I'm copying my FNaF stories onto this website (it's harder when I have no premium membership, those days are forever over </3). My main site for fan fictions is on my Quotev: and Wattpad under the same username.

I prefer if you follow me on Quotev as that is my original site where I upload and you can get an update sooner since I usually copy the new update onto Wattpad and dA a bit later. Now if you checked my Quotev, you'll realize that I have a Golden Freddy X Reader and now you're wondering; "Why didn't you transfer this one as well?"

Well, mainly because I'm lazy and the that was my first FNaF fanfiction and the writing is very sloppy. Quotev and Wattpad are the only sites to have Just Gold, if there are any other sites that aren't those two, it's been stolen.

Something I also wanna mention about my FNaF fanfics are the names I give them, they're based off songs;

Centuries [Springtrap X Reader] - Centuries by Fall Out Boy
I'm Not the One [Bonnie X Animatronic!Reader] - I'm Not the One by 3OH!3
Fairytale [Toy Freddy X Reader] - Fairytale by Alexander Rybak
Round & Round [Male!Mangle X Youtuber!Reader] - Round & Round by Selena Gomez 

(will be updated when i make more fnaf x reader)

Also, you can request down below which animatronic you want me to write about next;

Stories that you can request about:
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-Male!Mangle (already done ^)
-Withered animatronics (excluding the chican)
-Phantom Animatronics (excluding Marionette, Chican, and BB)

Stories that I'm still unsure of
-Foxy (there's too many Foxy X Readers, mines is gonna be any different)
-Marionette (like idk, I honestly don't know)

Stories I will never do:
-Male!Toy Chican or Chican
-BB (n00000)
-security guards (first of all they're silent and how tf can I get a personality of that smh)
-purple guy/phone guy (wr0ng, I don't find a child murderer hot)


I'll still be posting art but I'll post more once I get a drawing tablet in August, since drawing on the computer is a pain especially if it's a Windows XP (yes I'm very ancient). Hopefully I can open up point commissions and be more successful and catch up on my FNaF and Warrior Cats drawings. But for now, you have to deal with my fanfictions.


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